Tuesday, March 8, 2011

K2P2 Rinse & Repeat

I'm thrilled that I decided to take the monetary plunge and sign up for the knitting class. I had my first one tonight and it was great! The instructor, Stephanie, is great and she taught me how to purl tonight. There were only two other women there, who already know the ins and outs of knitting. Listening to them talk made me feel like I was in Japan again overhearing a foreign language. 

Purling is...awkward. More so than learning the knit stitch.  I'm definitely not a fan of it, but know that it's a necessary evil. 

Stephanie had me do the stockinette stitch for a little while. That means one row is knitted, and one row is purled.  The result is very pretty! I then started with some ribbing. So knit 2 stitches, purl 2 stitches and repeat til the end of the line.  And on the next row, knit the knits and purls the purls and you get some pretty ribbing.  
Difference in stitching. The bottom rows are the garter stitch (all knit)
the middle rows is stockinette stitch (with the knit vs in the front)
and the top rows are me practicing with ribbing

I'm to practice with purling this week and next week will be my first class project....a hat! Which means I get to learn how to knit in the round on circular needles! So super excited. No more belly bruises LOL. I'm also going to try to figure out the swiffer cover...which according to the two women in my class I shouldn't bother doing because I won't want to dirty it...but I think it's very cute, green and fun. Plus, I have to make one or two for Kim :) 

The needles I'm using in the above picture are a size 6 bamboo needle and they are very very skinny and flimsy. Being a tight knitter, which I worked on loosening up tonight, I feel like every stitch is going to snap my little knitting needle like a twig. 


  1. I must relearn to knit. You are making me so jealous. I remember the knit one purl one as I always messed it up. I think I will make a goal to sign up for a class in september. Until then you are my supplier. LOL. Anxiously awaiting a swiffer cover or two. Did I say I love light pink? *giggles*

    So happy you are enjoying it Amy. You'll meet so many nice people. And learn a valuable craft. Cannot wait to see what's next.xx

  2. Purling is not that bad! But know that you know how to knit and purl you can do anything!

    You should try knitting with 100% cotton (Lily Sugar N' Cream yarn - always on sale for $1 to $2.50 per skein) and make some dishcloths. This is a great way to practice a new pattern while making something useful. If you screw up, it doesn't matter, it's just a dishcloth!

  3. Thanks for the idea Diane :D I will check to see if I can find that yarn anywhere and play with some dishcloths! Purling is getting easier the more I do it, I just need to keep remembering to move my yarn to the front.

  4. Once you practise a bit and get the hang of it purling is as easy as the knit stitch :)

    Cant wait to see your hat! I made one recently for my boyfriend and he loves it...I'm a new knitter too so I'm very proud of that hat!

    BTW I found your blog via Ravelry...and added it to my list :D

    Amy ~X~ (yes, I'm an Amy too!)

  5. Hi Amy :) Thanks for commenting! Purling is getting easier the only time I seem to have some issues now is when I'm ribbing...I have to remember to not try and watch TV or talk to someone while I do it LOL.

    I'm pretty excited to start the hat! It's going to be the same teal yarn that is in my practice swatch. I think I'm definitely going to make a 2nd one for my boyfriend as well, once I make one for me.

  6. I'm just now learning to knit properly and be confident of what I'm doing and am using bamboo Clover needles that are very lightweight and bendy feeling. Sounds like we might have the same needles. :)

    I haven't learned to knit in the round yet, but can't wait to learn. How exciting that you will be making your first hat!

  7. They are Clover needles :) Im afraid bendy will turn into snappy.
    Im excited to knit in the round...a friend of mine uses DPNs but I think I will prefer the circular needles


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