Friday, May 31, 2013

{FO} From head to toe

I have TWO finished objects to share this week - one of which is old and the other of which I am so happy to finally be DONE with ^_^

My first finished object is the test knit for Megan I did called Weather the Weather hat which is a free download on Ravelry.  

This was such a fun knit, and I highly recommend trying it out! This pattern uses an Aran technique that is similar to making cables without a cable needle.  I am guilty of not having much worsted weight yarn in my stash - shocker, I know since most of my projects are made out of fingering - so I had picked up some Cascade 220 in a glorious pink color for my 5 year old niece whose favorite color guessed it, pink.  I had meant to pick up Cascade 220 superwash but grabbed the wrong skein when I was at the LYS as I was too busy gabbing with the shop owner and I did find this yarn to make my hands sweat like crazy and pre-blocking was a bit scratchy.  I'm glad I decided to block this because the yarn bled like crazy! 

My second finished object is my very first pair of socks! I am so happy I finally finished these as my active WIP pile was getting out of control.  I'm usually a monogamous knitter...but lately I have quite a few things on the needles. first pair of socks. The pattern was a hodgepodge of patterns and techniques of my own choosing.  These are loose on me because at the time I started I didn't have any 1.5 needles so I used size 2s and they are pretty big. So, my mom who has a wider foot and ankle will be getting these.  These socks were plain jane vanilla socks and the yarn was not my most favorite so even though I started sock 1 in January...I didn't finish sock 2 until May.  I'm hoping that future plain jane vanilla socks will be more fun with some nice self striping yarns I've recently picked up. 

Thank you for joining me this week and check out some other great finished objects here:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Podcasts, Or how productivity moves in opposite direction from stash enhancement

I've been hard at work test knitting the super secret sock for Megan and have been neglectful of my blog! I'm going to try to have a {WIP} and {FO} post this week but we shall see.  My current {WIP} can't really be shown until the pattern is released as it is part of a yarn club for Yarn vs. Zombies (um, can we say best name EVER??)  but if you follow me on instagram I've been posting some very exciting shots of the sole.  What I will say is that this pattern is super fun and has taught me so many fun techniques and it fits great! I'm working on the leg now, so should hopefully finish it soon...and then, then, I must finish mom's sock. And work on the Color Affection.  And...I bought three skeins of MadelineTosh Merino Light (Well Water colorway) to CO my first sweater which will be Vitamin D

I've recently been bitten by the knitting podcast bug and I wanted to share some of my favorites.  I tend to listen to them (and sneak views) at work, but lately I've been watching them in lieu of TV at night.  

This is a relatively new podcast hosted by Steph and Stacie and these girls are adorable and so sweet.  Each episode is about an hour, but they stay on topic pretty well and I love how their show notes give links to any and all shops and yarns that they use. My Etsy favorites have multiplied by quite a few new shops since I've started watching them.  

I've been having fun test knitting for Megan, but her and Amy's podcast is fantastic as well.  Just by watching them you can tell that the two of them have been friends for quite awhile, and I love how they joke with each other.  Both are very talented knitters, and I have never really pictured myself ever wanting to go to Minnesota...but hearing about their Zombie Knitpocalypse makes me want to go in the future! Episodes last about an hour.

Clearly...we Amys have to stick together.  Amy Beth is a R-I-O-T.  The first podcast of hers I listened to I was like, "Um. I'm not sure what is going on..." but now I'm hooked.  She makes me laugh and smile constantly.  I took part in my first ever KAL with her Gratitude KAL over the spring.  Episodes are only about a half hour, and she has a way of explaining things that make it seem very easy.

Ginny had followed me on Instagram and I've only recently started watching her newer podcast. Nerds unite! She's a Whovian amongst other things and I love her project choices. Seriously, I wish I knew her in life cause I would like to be part of her knitting circle :) She has made me want to try a 9" circular needle to knit socks.

Please share some of your favorite video podcasts in the comments. Now that we are in the slow season at work....I can use some entertainment while I do the office zombie routine :) 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{WIP} Tootsie Roll

Some of my projects from last week have been put on the back burner while I have fun test knitting stuff for Megan.  I finished the Weather the Weather hat this weekend, and immediately jumped on board for another test knit.  This one is super secret and this will be the only picture I will be posting until the pattern is released as it is part of a club.  

It is my first ever attempt at a toe up sock - and I have got to say that Judy's Magic Cast On is the KOOKIEST thing I have ever done.  It felt like cat's cradle. But I am very pleased with how it came out :) One new sock technique in the bag.  This pattern is definitely more advanced than my plain jane vanilla we shall see if I can actually do it or not.

I am using Sunshine Yarn's classic sock base in Wanderer.  I had purchased this yarn from a Ravelry user a year and a half ago and I've been waiting for a good pattern for it.  Notice that it's not caked, but balled. Let's just say...I think the hank was re-hanked a few times. It did not get along with my swift and ball winder. At all.

Wish me luck, friends! I am going to need it :) Thankfully I only have to finish ONE sock for the test who knows when sock #2 will be completed.

I also played around with roving and a drop spindle the other night...more to come on this adventure at a later date!

Imperfect but recognizably yarn

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

{WIP} Oh, Boy Yeah. I've got quite a lot going on this week for Work-In-Progress Wednesday.  Usually, I just highlight one item I'm working on...but I've got quite a few WIPs this time around.

Clockwise from top:

(1) I finally cast on my Color Affection Shawl using Candy Skein Sweet Fingering yarn in Fudge Brownie.  I am following it per the pattern instructions...which means a lot of make ones. And I don't know why, but I'm having issues with these M1s....I cheated on the first row and used a KFB because I could not get the bar between stitches easily. 

(2) I am test knitting the Weather the Weather hat by Megan (Justrunknit on Ravelry) from the podcast Stockinette Zombies.  I love this easy and fun. Plus I'm learning new techniques such as a Left and Right Twist.  I am using Cascade 220 which is making my palms sweat.

(3) And finally....the second sock on my plain jane vanilla beginner socks.  This led to the Color Affection being cast on incidentally.  

That's it for this week.  Check out other Work In Progress blog posts by clicking the image below.