Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project Linus

I will be posting the finished project post shortly, well, once I figure out how to bind off and weave in my ends. However, I wanted to mention something I just discovered at my local yarn shop that I think is going to be a mini-goal of mine.

While browsing a local yarn store, Knitting Needles, I discovered that it was a drop off location for Project Linus. As their pamphlet indicates, Project Linus is "a 100% volunteer...non-profit, national organization with a two fold mission:

  • Give new, handmade blankets to comfort seriously ill or traumatized children by a 'blanket hug'
  • Provide a rewarding service opportunity for local communities to benefit their local children."
So basically, one would knit, crochet, or quilt small blankets to be donated to children hospitals, local batter women's shelters, and even homeless shelters.  

The only requirement is that the blankets must be new, homemade, washable and safe. 

As soon as I read the pamphlet, tears came to my eyes. I thought 'What a great idea!' and immediately asked the shop employee how to get involved.  I told her that I was a new knitter who was looking to help and she said if I felt a blanket was too much too soon, I could donate small 8x8 patches that then can be stitched together to make a larger blanket by a local senior center that helps them.  

Linus approved!
I have decided that I am aiming to make one blanket every other month (or more if I can) to donate.  I have mentioned that my grandmother used to crochet. She passed away when I was 10, but some of my earliest memories of her would be with an afghan spread across her lap as she crocheted it.  I also had the fun job of helping her ball her yarn.  I still have my BRIGHT pink afghan she made me when I was little (I chose the two colors...bright pink and even brighter pink) and am usually curled up under it while I watch TV at night.  Therefore, every blanket I donate will be in the honor of my grandmother, Yolanda. 

For more information about this great organization, check here.


  1. Aw Amy that is so sweet about wanting to do that in honor of your grandmother. I like that a lot. I also have memories of my mom and gramma knitting and crocheting. I have a blanket my mom made me that I pull out when I need a lift of spirits.
    I think the cancer hospitals have ladies who do caps. Something I may consider come fall. I cannot wait to see pics.

  2. love this amy, what a great goal.

    <3 Rach


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