Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

When I first started knitting I foolishly thought that I would stick to one project at a time.  I said, "Self, one at a time is more than you can handle." What I didn't factor into my thought process was how addicting yarn is and how some big projects can become a little...boring. 

Case in point...Ariel's baby blanket.  I finally started the second skein and my blanket currently is about 9.5" wide.  However, I still have half the skein I'm currently working on PLUS two more of the green.  The blanket...which, may I remind you, is ALL seed/moss stitch. With the exception of the lace border. But I still have quite awhile to go before I can even think lace.  And while I love the look of seed stitch and have the hang of it, I find myself mindlessly knitting for awhile and then second guessing every stitch. Did I purl when I should have knit? Does that look like a scarf or a noose around the stitches neck? Can I pick my nose and knit at the same time? (not really...but you know what I mean).

So, in order to save my already quickly fading sanity I started a second project!  

That's right boys and girls (or maybe just girls? Do I have any male readers?) I now have two separate projects going on in my bag.

Fuzzy wuzzy mohair

I have had my eye on the White Rabbit Wristees pattern from Tiny Owl Knits for a few weeks now, and was waiting for the Great Rhody Yarn Crawl sale at my lys to buy the mohair.  I picked up a skein of sparkly silver and a skein of raspberry as my color way.  I will be using the magic loop again on this project as opposed to working it flat.  

Like the pattern author, I too have freakishly small wrists so I'm going with the small size.  After casting on 38 stitches in lace weight mohair I had my doubts.  But I've knitted about an inch of one wristee so far and was able to get it over my hand. The pattern wasn't kidding when it said it would be snug.  

This is also my first project with any kind of color work...and it's fun! Striping is easier than I thought it would be...although I still have issues with joining another skein of yarn (Stephanie did it for me).  

I'm a bit looser with my knitting these days...but still cast on tightly.  Which made the first row of 1x1 ribbing a bit hard...I wish I had Addi Lace needles because the point on the size 2s are pretty blunt. But after that initial set up row it was easier work. Except for my booboo.  I forgot to tighten the first two stitches on the first couple of rows so I have a wee bit of laddering on one side. But thankfully the mohair is so fuzzy it hides it. When I weave in my ends I might try to fix it...if not, there are some pretty opal buttons at my LYS O:)

Hi new readers =)  Thanks for following!


  1. That mohair looks so pretty I wish the LYS near my school sold some. I would buy it in a heartbeat XD

  2. It definitely is pretty :) But it's a little tricky to knit with...kind of like knitting with fuzzy floss.

  3. I think I may have lace turbos... I'm going to check! Try casting on with a larger needle if you cast on tightly (in my case its binding off too tightly)

  4. Thanks Jackie! If not, no worries. I've only bound off on one project so far so I'm not sure if I am tight or not....probably LOL

  5. Ah yes, the attraction of mohair! But wait till you have frog it... Then it's fuzzy floss in knots. Don't get me wrong, I still knit with it, I just hate making an error with it :)


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