Saturday, July 9, 2011

By The Sea

Lovely blues and greens
I finished another Instant Gratification Cloth in record time.  It was originally going to be for us, but I realized I had a birthday party to go to this weekend and needed a gift.  Nate's Auntie Ellen and Uncle Jeff are having a combined birthday party to celebrate their 50th Birthday and they are going all out - they rented a section of a park and are having it catered and everything. And as money is tight with us...I figured I'd knit them a gift! But, as I only had two days....Instant Gratification Cloth was needed.  I had started a new pattern I found on Ravelry that was a Garter Ridge Dishcloth and it was super easy.  I will definitely be making more of these :)

I loved how the yarn striping worked out as well.  I will have to go to Walmart and get more of this yarn, seeing as how it is now discontinued :( I found the Peaches and Creme yarn to be much nicer on my hands and it felt a little bit more flexible.

I really need a better location to stage my pics
For Auntie Ellen and Uncle Jeff's present I paired the finished Instant Gratification Cloth with a lovely soap I picked up at Bellevue Beauty Walk.  It's called By The Sea, and it is a shea butter soap made in England.  It smells delicious, and I absolutely adore the packaging.  Little known Amy fact but I simply adore the Victorian era and Newport, RI being a beach town that was popular during the Gilded Age it is very fitting...that little Victorian miss in her swimsuit could have been me over a 100 years ago. So, with the cloth and soap Nate also picked out several amusing MikWright coasters from Pleasant Surprise.

Pattern: Three Easy Dish Cloths by Elizabeth Carls
Yarn: Peaches and Creme Stripes 
Needles: US 7


  1. Cute idea pairing the soap and the cloth! I've been thinking about the idea of learning to it as hard as it seems? Should I have someone teach me? Or can I buy "knitting for dummies" or something of the sort?

  2. Once you figure it out, you'll wonder why you thought it was hard. If you go back through my blog to the first few posts it'll catalogue my attempt at learning. I tried to teach myself from a book, but had no clue what it wanted me to do..then I tried by youtube video but that didn't work for me either, so I signed up for classes. But now that I know what I'm doing I turn to youtube all the time to figure out a new stitch :) I'd say try with youtube first then look into classes if that doesn't work.
    I like the Stitch 'n Bitch books by Debbie Stoller.
    It's very relaxing and satisfying once you figure it out. Good luck!

  3. I love it. Nice colour choice. Very beautiful gift Amy. My sis once sent me this really nice lavender laundry soap from the island she lives on and I was over the moon for it. Very thoughtful gift for your auntie and uncle.

  4. Thanks Kim :) I'm going to start your pink cloth this week.

  5. Really cool Amy! I may have to make of of those at some stage.

    Mrs F. I've been getting instructions from You just do a search and it has cool videos on how to do knitting stuff. It's been really helpful, especially seeing it done rather than pictures or descriptions.

  6. Hi Amy! I love that you love dishcloths! My family is from Maine and often they will stock up on them when they go to local craft fairs. (Although they do drop hints that they'd like me to make them some and will get me the yarn/color they want!) It a great way to begin learning new stitches and for a newbie, the time to complete the project is short, so you feel successful and not overwhelmed.
    I was looking at your profile and noticed that you like a band my daughter likes, so I have to tell you about this band she is obsessed with... not sure if it is to your liking or not, but go find Civil War on Youtube and give a listen. I have been listening over the weekend and I too have become obsessed. They will be coming to Newport this summer.
    Happy beach knitting! erin

  7. Hi Erin :D Thanks for dropping by..I love your blog! Since I've made the two cloths, a lot of my friends and family have started requesting them..LOL. I worry about when I start socks and sweaters.
    What's a song they do? I tried finding them on You Tube but only found civil war re-enactment stuff. I love discovering new music :D

  8. Did I forget to warn you that making dishcloths is habit forming? LOL! Also Lily's Sugar N' Cream yarn is always on sale at Michaels for 4 for $5 for the regular skeins. It is on sale this week! How can you go wrong? But then I need every color imaginable.

    Another good use for that yarn is monsters!!!! I'm hoping to finish some monster chunks tonight!

  9. That's a great gift! And, the colors are really, really pretty! I hope you had a wonderful time at the party!

  10. Amy, what a great idea for a weekend guest stint in someone's house! My mom's in assisted living and her women's group there could use this pattern easy!I think the sturdiness of the cotton makes it easier for older hands, do you think?

  11. I think it would be a great idea :) The cotton is sturdy, but maybe the lack of elasticity might be hard on their hands...but an easy pattern such as this should make up for it.


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