Friday, October 21, 2011

{FO} Look ma! No pattern!

Remember the baby hat I was knitting a week or so ago? Well, I finished it :) Overall, I am pleased with how it came out.  

Overall I'm happy with it :)
I did run into a few um, complications, but they were easily fixed. For example, I was planning on starting my decreases at 4.5", but, apparently I had an issue reading a tape measurer and started them more at like 5" which made for a big baby hat! But, I just folded the bottom and it worked out.  And then I couldn't figure out how I wanted to top the hat...I thought about the Marley topper from Susan B. Anderson, but wasn't loving how it was looking, and I only had the pink went with a big ol' pompom.  And then the colors....I love the vibrancy of it, BUT, I was hoping the striping would be skinnier and that there wouldn't be such a large chunk of yellow (not my favorite color). 

I also finished the first mitt from Wednesday, so as an added bonus:

I love this!

I am off to Stitches tomorrow, so expect a super special Squee Sunday :)

Round and Round Baby Hat Project Details:
Pattern: I made it up :)
Yarn: Simplicity by Skacel in Margaritaville
Needles: US 6
Gifty: Baby Girl Wilson



  1. The hat looks really cute (and I quite like the large yellow band)

    Love the mitt too :)

  2. What a cute hat! I must find some of this yarn. Perfect for babies!

  3. I love the hat! It's so cute, particularly the pompom.

  4. Hot diggity dog Amy! That is so coooooool! Post the pattern asap!

  5. I don't think you can ever go wrong with a pom pom! I like the wide stripes. Great hat!

  6. PS I meant post the completed pattern - decreases and how many rows and all - when you get to it, lol. Am I bossy or what??

  7. SSSShhhhhhh, did anyone note she said she went to Stitches???? Oooooooh. Wishing I were there!
    BTW, such a cute hat!

  8. I like the yellow band, it looks really good with the pattern! And well done on finishing so many WIPs =)

  9. I really love the hat! I also love the yellow, but that's just me. Also, there's nothing better than a little baby with a big old pom pom stuck to her head!

  10. Aw thanks everyone! I'm glad you like it :D Like I said, yellow isn't my favorite color of all time, but it does look cute with the pink and green. And I love pom poms...I really need to look for a smaller pom pom maker rofl...the one on this hat is my smallest size and it's so cute and ridiculous.

    @ Julie - Yes ma'am!!!

    @ Erin - You should totally try to make it :) Hartford isn't too far from Boston. I will take tons of pictures :)

    @ GirlAnachronismE - Thank you :D I try not to have too many going on at once, which helps with the finishing LOL

    @ Jen - Speaking of ridiculous need to take a picture of Ben in his gnomey hat for me :P

  11. the hat will be adorable on! I love pom poms.

  12. The mitt looks awesome, the yarn is working up just as nicely as I thought it would when you posted the pattern and picture of the skein! :D

    And oh my gosh, that hat. A++ pattern-making-up! The colours are all candy-perfect, and I love the texture you've given it, it's got a very...layer-cake look that I think will be adorable perched on a baby's head.


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