Sunday, October 9, 2011

{Squee} Anita the Alien(ito) & Apples

Another alien for the horde:

My friend Jackie asked me to knit her one out of this yarn, and I have go to say that this is my favorite alien so far!  I knit this one on size 2 needles, and she came out about the same size as George the Alien.  I'm thinking this little cutie will be known as Anita the Alien(ito)*.

Failed Self-taken Photo
Today, Nate and I went on an autumnal date (which is very Squee worthy!) :) We drove out to Little Compton to check out some of their orchards, but sadly we did not find any real good apples. When Hurricane Irene rolled through a month ago, it somehow damaged the the first orchard we went to, there were apples on the trees (and a lot on the ground)...but they were expensive so we didn't get too many. We then moved on to the next orchard which ironically had its annual Apple Fest going on.  This orchard was very sad....almost ALL the apples were on the ground, and those on the branches were rotting.  It will probably be a good apple cider season, but apples...not so much.  Still, it was nice to go out on this beautiful day!

Lots of fallen, rotting apples :(
Sad face :(

*I recently read one of the Skippyjon Jones books to Jackie's 4 year old it seems fitting :)


  1. awww what a fun date. too bad it was a bad year for it...

  2. That is the cutest Alien I've ever seen! I <3 knitted critters.

  3. Loving the little blue alien, so cute!

  4. I'm sorry you didn't get many apples:(
    The alien is super cute! I love the tiny ones best.

  5. The alien is so cute! Sad to hear about the apples though :(

  6. Your alien is adorable!! Sad about the apples but at least you had a beautiful day!

  7. Love the Little Compton drive. :)
    Am hitting the local pumpkin patch here to celebrate this awesome weather. You have really been knitting up a storm!! I am jealous lol.

  8. Can you make me an alien, too? Pleeeeaassse? :)

  9. Cutie alien. I need an alien. Can we all get aliens? I haven't gone apple picking yet. Last year me and Kiana bought 40 pounds. Can you say overkill?


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