Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award 2.0

A big thank you to Emma over at her blog Knit One, Stitch One, Save One? for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award. I've been following her blog for quite some time, and it was such a pleasure and honor to see that she had selected me as one of the blogs.  My friend Kim had also awarded me this same award right when I started my blog, and I never got around to doing this. I am very honored to have received this award twice.

The rules for this are:
  1. Thank the person who awarded it to you and link to their blog
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass this one to 15 newly discovered or new to you blogs.
Now, here are seven things you might not know about me:
  1.  I have studied Japanese for two years in High School and have been to Japan twice.  It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever gotten to do.  I love Japanese culture, and can still speak, write and read it - while I am not fluent, I would love to be one day and would also love to go back to Japan.
  2. I am a huge fan of YA literature...I'm a huge fan of the Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, etc.  I usually hit up the YA section of the book store and library first.  I do enjoy "adult" books too - but, quite frankly, YA is sometimes just plain better.  
  3. I want to be a crafty person...I love the idea of sewing, scrap booking, jewelry making, quilting etc...but unless I have a pattern to follow I have a lot of trouble with coming up with things on my own...I'm too much of a perfectionist, so for example, a single scrap book page took me 4 hours once.
  4. I am a Whovian.  When home sick with a stomach bug two years ago, I discovered Doctor Who on BBC America and I have been hooked ever since.  In fact, last winter Doctor Who was a category at trivia one night and my team and I answered the unasked following questions in the previous answer.  For example: What does Doctor Who do? He travels through time and space in the TARDIS. What does he travel in? The TARDIS which stands for Time and Relevant Dimensions in Space. What does TARDIS mean? *head thump*
  5. I love ghost stories but hate haunted houses.  I will gladly and willingly go on any ghost tour, and have a huge collection of ghost stories. But I hate, hate, hate things that jump out and go boo.  I scream, cry, and act rather pathetic when I have been dragged into a haunted house.  I even bit my friend Sadie when she dragged me into one in Salem.  It was accidental, I was hiding behind her shoulder, screamed and comped down.  I keep hoping some day I will have a ghostly encounter of my own.
  6. I am a TV junkie. I watch A LOT of TV.  Our DVR is constantly yelling at us to clear up space.  I really enjoy crime dramas such as Criminal Minds, Law & Order, CSI, Bones etc....and then worry about people coming in and killing us in the middle of the night.
  7. I used to be addicted to Facebook games. I played them all - Mousehunt (how I met the lovely Kim), Fish Wrangler, Farmville, etc and was pretty much glued to facebook.  Mother's Day weekend, I quit cold turkey...and haven't regretted it since :) Now I have more time for knitting, reading and watching TV - all at the same time.
Now, here are 15 blogs I enjoy a lot and think you might enjoy as well.  It was hard to choose just 15, because I follow so many great blogs (check my full profile for more!) Some are newly discovered, and some I have been reading for quite some time:
  • The Bloggess - this has absolutely NOTHING to do with knitting or crafting, but oh my...I laugh my butt off every single post. I often read posts out loud to Nate, and he thinks her husband Victor is a saint.
  • A Surprise Every Time - A pretty amusing blog where the author posts cute owls of the week that she crochets.
  • Autumn Geisha - A very talented knitter...I look at her FOs and wish my knitting looked as pretty
  • Comic Who - a ridiculously cute Doctor Who comic....Doctor Who meets manga...absolutely adorable.
  •  Lucky You, Lucky Me - A really nice little blog..I like the way this blogger writes.
  • Misadventures in Craft - I really enjoy Natalie's blog, and I love her projects. 
  • Simply Notable - A mother/daughter blog full of crafty goodness. I really enjoy this one, and I like how prettily it is set up.
  • The Ramblings of a Knitting Goddess - Grace cracks me up :) A very talented, young knitter who is also a Whovian.  
  • {A 1/4 to} - I have learned some interesting things from this blog, and it's very pretty to look at :) 
  • Tinktop tap - I love the little stories she makes up about her amigurumis
  • Rip It Good - The host of Squee Sundays...I love her blog :) I also love the cute designs
  • Urban Mouse to a Country House - Julie's blog is one of the first knitting blogs I ever started following, and I love her sense of humor.
  • Knitting in Beantown - Another blog I've been following for some time. 
  • It's Geek to Me - I just started following this one, and she has some awesome FOs but more importantly she has Nathan Fillion on her banner
  • My Grandmotherly Ways- I can so relate


    1. Ah, another Whovian :) I found you via Emma (she who bestowed this award to you) and I think I may read just based on your love of The Doctor and the fact that you're like me in that you want to try every craft on earth.

    2. Aw, thank you for nominating me, that's so nice :) It's also nice to get to know you better, and my DVR is exactly the same (with many of the same TV shows too)!

    3. That you for the mention in your list of blogs that you follow!!! I need to be in touch with you via pm; what is your Ravelry handle?
      BTW, I was awake at 3AM and catching up on blog posts. I went to Bloggess and had to stifle my laughter so as not to wake the house. She IS funny!

    4. Thank you for the award! (Or maybe I should be thanking Nathan; he's the reason a lot of people visit, I think! ;)

      Japan was one of my favorite trips, too...I'd love to learn the language and go back. And I am totally with you on the ghost stories/haunted houses!! I HATE HATE HATE haunted houses!

    5. Too funny! I gave you the award too. And I see we've passed it on to some of the same bloggers. Now, to go read your answers.


    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! ~Amy