Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Fits like a glove!

Thumb set up...almost ready for the top ribbing
I am almost done with the first glove! I just need to work the thumb, and then one down, one to go.  This knit up quickly, and Nate really likes it.  It is fun helping Jackie out with her pattern...and it is fun stepping outside of my comfort zone.  Can't wait to show it off as a finished object :) And as soon as Jackie releases the pattern I'll post a link for it.  I really like how the ribbing looks when the knits are done through the back loop.  Usually I hate ribbing but this kept it interesting....granted as soon as I switched over to normal knitting, I had to remind myself not to do it through the back loop.
Fits Nate like a glove!

I also have a finished object that I'm going to show off on Friday for FO Friday, which I'm looking forward to jumping in on.

So, I had a job interview in Boston this past Friday.  Fingers are crossed....I think it went well, and I'm really excited about getting back to work.  Here's hoping!

AND .... it's almost time for Stitches East! Anyone else going?


  1. Amy this is so cool. You could make a mint selling these. I just paid a fortune for mine. Lol! I like the ribbing. I have some gloves that have that and I prefer them to all others I own. You are just rocking the knitting girl. Love it. I am keeping fingers crossed for you with the job. I also have something I am sending you this week. It's just something small I saw recently and it made me think of you.xx

  2. Fingers crossed for you :)

    Gloves are looking fantastic too

  3. The glove looks great!
    Good luck! I really hope you get the job.

  4. I agree with Kim Bee! The ribbing really helps keep in the warm. And, I have sent a message to the Universe - Look out, World, here comes Amy to Boston! I have ulterior motives, you know... another yarn buddy to go yarn shopping with!:)

  5. Great job Amy! I can't wait to see it done! :)

  6. @ Kim -- Thanks!! I know...fingerless gloves can go for a pretty penny...hmm...maybe I should think of opening an etsy store or something haha!

    @ PinkUndine & Karen -- Thank you so much :D I appreciate it.

    @Julie -- oooh and I WOULD need someone to show me all the cool yarn places up there! Thanks for sending out a message to the universe for me :)

    @Diane - me too! I'm really excited about these

  7. Lovely! I'm the opposite though, I can't stand doing the twisted ribbing no matter how good it looks. haha
    good luck with your interview!

  8. If your glove didn't fit like a glove, I'd be a bit worried about your knitting skills. ^_~

  9. The gloves are looking good. Love the twist! Fingers crossed for you!


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