Thursday, June 21, 2012

Save the Ravelympics!

I have no excuse as to why I haven't posted in so long.  Really.  I have still been knitting...up a storm, actually.  So, I'm due a post on what I have actually been knitting.  More on that later. 

I have just now heard of the ruckus going on with the Ravelympics over on Ravelry.  Mostly I'm oblivious to various hoo-ha...and pretty bad at being a frequent visitors to the forums.  I still have yet to master the art and technique of knitting while reading.   But, today I saw a couple of articles that upset me very greatly. 

It seems that the US Olympic committee has their panties in a twist over the use of other people using the word Olympics.  They won one court case in the '80s that pretty much gave them exclusive right to a word - which I find utterly ridonculous (and if we can claim ownership of a word, I would like to own that one, ok?) So these corporate suits who apparently have NOTHING better to do with their time sent Ravelry a cease and desist order over the Ravelympics - for those who do not know, this is an event for knitters and crocheters that can be a fun contest while we watch the Olympics.  You join a team (I'm team Random Act of Monster, FYI) and while the Olympics run you knit. Simple.  And fun.  We'd be doing this anyway, but now we have a fun event to participate in - and who doesn't love an event?

Apparently the USOC, that's who.  They feel that by calling it the Ravelympics knitters are making a mockery of the games.  Honestly...didn't the naked ancient Greeks already do that? Or, y'know...the countries that violate the rules and put in underage competitors in the events? No? Bueller? Bueller? And seriously.  Does the USOC know any real life knitters? We're about the least likely to make a mockery of anything. Unless it's graffiti. And then we make it pretty.

And don't even get me started on them wanting patterns that show the Olympic rings taken down.

Shame on the USOC. 

Yes, I understand trademarks and copyrights.  But I still say Shame on the USOC. (Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer; I work in human resources)  I am not an athlete - and yes, those people train hard while I sit on my ever increasing bum and knit - but that is not really the point is it? I'm sure if the USOC had thought up the idea of a Ravelympics sort of thing where they would charge people to participate they would have been all over that like me on a piece of chocolate cake.

And we knitters are unamused by the USOC's shenanigans. We have pointy sticks and we're not afraid to get stabby - just ask any loved one who had the misfortune of interrupting us as we count valuable lace pattern stitches.  Addi Lace tips are sharp...

To say we denigrate the hard work of true athletes is ridiculous.  And I would love to see the head of the USOC attempt to knit an intricate lace pattern since he is basically saying that knitting is so easy a caveman could do it (Hey...Geico? If you're reading I do not mean to infringe on your slogan and will give you full credit for ever coming up with that phrase ok? Would you like a pair of knitted mittens as a sign of my appreciation?)

I am truly disgusted by the USOC's reaction to a harmless, fun activity.  Do they go around the country and tell camp kids they cannot participate in their summer Olympics (you know 8 out of 10 camps have such a thing)? Do they go to all-inclusive resorts and cruise lines and tell them they cannot have Olympic games? No.  So why discriminate against knitters? Dear USOC Suits did someone once knit you an ugly sweater and you are now taking out your revenge?

And USOC? Your weak-tea statement does not help you out in any way shape or form...

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