Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green

I hope everyone is doing OK with this heat! I'm staying indoors today enjoying some knitting time and some central air.  Nate is borrowing my car today - his poor Nissan's clutch went Thursday night so it is in the shop.  I swear the place he bought it from sold him a lemon - nothing but bad luck since he bought it.

Today's long over due Finished Object Post is for a swap I did rather recently.  It's a twofer ;) 

I had signed up for the Fairy Tale swap in the Danger Craft group on Ravelry and my partner, the very talented Penny/Sch4gators chose Shrek as her favorite fairy tale.  So I went with that theme :)

I modified Dot the Dress Up Monster into a mini Shrek.  It was a lot of fun to knit, although the legs drove me batty! With this type of monster, you wind up knitting the legs separately and then putting them back on the needle to join them to the body.  I felt very accomplished to complete the bottom half of the body with zero stitch casualties.  The ears I winged - I looked at a couple of Shrek hat patterns on Ravelry and modified the ear portions to fit my little guy.  And my super talented friend Jackie sewed me a little vest out of brown felt.

I also knit a cute little Shrek dishcloth for the package.  I wound up knitting this mostly at work on a slow Friday. This was pre-promotion days LOL

My current Mystery Knit Along is going along smoothly.  I finished Clue 2 earlier than anticipated because I was sent home from work early on Wednesday with pink eye - so I had an extra day and a half of knitting!!  With Clue 2 I placed my last bead. The next clue the designer said would start the decreases. Right now I'm debating placing a lifeline or not. The photo on the left is as is.  The color is accurate.  The photo on the right...the lighting sucks but it shows the pattern 'blocked' out.

I am also going to be doing the West Knits Mystery Shawl starting mid-July.  Why? Because I'm a masochist.  Plus, I'm having fun with this current one.  The yarn I will be using for the West Knits MKAL is Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Canopy and Cephalopod Yarns Skinny Bugga in Montauk Monster.


  1. I love the Shrek doll! What a cutie. I've heard so much about the Stephen West MKAL that I'm intrigued but I'm not really into lacy shawls. I wonder if I should join any way or not.

    1. I'm not sure if the Stephen West Shawl will be lacy...he tends to use color blocking as his shawls I think. The Wendy Knits one is definitely lacy, but I think the West one should be more stockinette style. Watch me be wrong haha!

      Thanks :D I love the Shrek.

  2. Aw, that doll is really cute, I'm sure they'll love it!

  3. If you have the time before the next clue to add a lifeline... it couldn't hurt! I love Shrek!

  4. Your shawl is really pretty and looks amazing. Shrek is adorable. Your swap partner is going to love him XD

  5. That Shrek is amazing. I love it and I'm sure your partner will too. Swaps are great fun, but nerve wracking, I'm always worried my partner will hate what they get but are too polite to say so!


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