Monday, October 8, 2012

Crochet...Or something like that

Crochet.  I'm still not sure how I feel about you yet. On one hand, I'm pleased that I can now figure out how to do a half double and double crochet.  On the other hand...I looked through a pattern book at Barnes and Noble this weekend, and it appeared that it was written in hieroglyphics.  

Now, I know I complained about knitting when I was first learning...but...crochet really is more confusing! Some people say it is easier, and I agree.  But, it's just  I will persevere though.  I want to make cute amigurumi and maybe start a granny square blanket once I figure out how to make a granny square.  

Jackie gave me my second lesson yesterday, and with her help I made a mug cozy made up of single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet rows.  And then she showed me how to make a cute scalloped border.

I attempted to follow a pattern last night to make a cute little crochet owl. It took me about 5 rounds before I realized I was making a slip stitch wrong, so my stitch count is probably way off.  And I kind of winged how to change I'm sure I did that wrong.  But, I am mostly proud that I figured out how to make a magic ring all on my own.  With the help of YouTube.  A French Knot for the eye though?? Yeah....that wasn't very successful. And as it was just practice, I didn't bother to add any safety eyes. 

I may or may not look like an owl


  1. Hahaha abnormal! Omgosh I know the feeling. But still, crochet is fun, especially when you make cute owls like that!

  2. I am impressed Amy! Crocheting goes much quicker than knitting but it has a totally different texture to it. It depends on what I am working on!

  3. My mom crocheted, so did my gramma. Once upon a time I used to crochet and knit. Eons ago. I love the owl. Adorable.


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