Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Dreaded Kitchener Stitch

I've been knitting now for almost two years and there is still so much I do not know...and I still love the thrill of accomplishment when I tackle a new trick.  

My goal was to mail out my swap gift on December 1st (side note: holy crud, where did the time go?!) but alas, I've procrastinated starting the legs because 1)three yarns at once makes me twitchy and 2)I was terrified of the kitchener stitch.

Ah, yes, the kitchener stitch.  That feared method of grafting that has so many steps for one single stitch that one begins to wonder if anyone would notice that instead of an invisible seam there was a row of shiny staples.  You may have noticed that after nearly two years of knitting, the closest I've come to socks were toeless, heelless yoga socks.  Ahem.

But, tonight with the realization that it's December and I really need to finish my swap gift and get that in the mail ASAP I started the first leg.  After about ten rows I found my rhythm of working with the three yarns and it progressed smoothly. And then I got to the end. With a gulp I pulled my Knit Aid by Vicki Howell book off the shelf, watched a few videos on youtube and sucked it up.  Tapestry needle in hand I began the slow going chant of "knit off, purl on, purl off, knit on" and amazingly did not mess up!  

Tomorrow night I will tackle the last leg :)


  1. Very nice Amy! I watched a video on youtube this weekend to learn how to do dpn's using three and one working. I've knitted one mitt and the other I have made good progress on! Isn't youtube the handiest thing when you want to learn how to do soemthing?

  2. Having recently screwed up a Kitchener Stitch, I feel your pain :)


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