Thursday, April 25, 2013

Color Wheel { 4KCBWDAY4 }

Do you ever notice that your eyes are drawn to the same colors whenever you go to the yarn store? For me, I tend to be drawn towards vibrant berries, dark teals, and cove-y blues.  My eyes are drawn, like the Bee I am, to "shiny" colors - something different, something with variegated colors, and something a little bit different from what I usually knit with. 

A quick look at my completed projects revealed a startling result.  I have a total of 67 projects listed and of those projects my color scheme falls at:

I tend to knit a lot of projects in a deep cranberry/burgundy color and I also tend to lean towards variegated projects.  

Most of the deep cranberry colors I gift even though I love the color for myself.  But the variegateds, I tend to keep and then lament that I have nothing neutral to wear with them.  

Even though I love fun, bright colors - my Hitchhiking to Candy Land shawl comes to mind - I will need to either start buying more neutral clothes....or should learn to realize that not everything I knit will go with everything I own.  

It also amuses me how much yarns that I'm drawn to linger in my stash and how many times I have to buy more neutral yarns to make a project for someone.  

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  1. After reading your post, I realized that I wear lots of neutral colored clothing so I can wear bright knits. I'm all for buying neutral clothes so you can indulge in any color yarn you like.


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