Wednesday, April 24, 2013

From one addict to another { 4KCBWDAY3 }

When I was a wee little new knitter I suffered delusions of grandeur.  I thought I could buy yarn for the current project at hand and be content.  On my first trip to Webs I quickly realized my efforts would be futile and I could only hope that Nate would never realize he had an addict living with him.  An addict who during the first hurricane since becoming a knitter went to Walmart to buy a plastic tote for her yarn and almost forgot to buy a case of water. 

Now obviously some yarn was purchased for a specific project.  Case in point I have three skeins of lovely Candy Skein Sweet Fingering yarn just waiting for me to cake up and start the Color Affection shawl.  I also bought some amazing TARDIS blue self striping sock yarn from Quaere Fibre to make some toe-up afterthought vanilla socks. But the majority of my yarn....I have no clue what I will ever knit with it but boy is it pretty.

crudely drawn by me
I often ask myself, as I try to cram another hank of yarn into a storage cube, was this life of buying and hiding yarn avoidable? Or, was it simply inevitable that I would join the ranks of "yarn stash exceeds life expectancy?" With all of the knitters I know...I strongly suspect it was inevitable.  And yes, like other addicts out there, when I buy a house it will be with the hope of a crafting/yarn room. 


  1. I think my stash graphic would look a lot like yours. So much yarn and so little time...

  2. You can buy more than one plastic bin, you know. Not that I know anything about that.....

  3. I'm not lucky enough to have my own craft room, but let's just say that our guests better not plan on ever using the chest of drawers or closets in the "guest room" ... if they open either an avalanche of yarn will consume them!

  4. I think that your graph accurately reflects the yarn stash for the majority of knitters that I know. Myself included. Although this summer I am vowing to donate some of my "before I knew better" yarn (mostly Red Heart).


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