Saturday, May 25, 2013

Podcasts, Or how productivity moves in opposite direction from stash enhancement

I've been hard at work test knitting the super secret sock for Megan and have been neglectful of my blog! I'm going to try to have a {WIP} and {FO} post this week but we shall see.  My current {WIP} can't really be shown until the pattern is released as it is part of a yarn club for Yarn vs. Zombies (um, can we say best name EVER??)  but if you follow me on instagram I've been posting some very exciting shots of the sole.  What I will say is that this pattern is super fun and has taught me so many fun techniques and it fits great! I'm working on the leg now, so should hopefully finish it soon...and then, then, I must finish mom's sock. And work on the Color Affection.  And...I bought three skeins of MadelineTosh Merino Light (Well Water colorway) to CO my first sweater which will be Vitamin D

I've recently been bitten by the knitting podcast bug and I wanted to share some of my favorites.  I tend to listen to them (and sneak views) at work, but lately I've been watching them in lieu of TV at night.  

This is a relatively new podcast hosted by Steph and Stacie and these girls are adorable and so sweet.  Each episode is about an hour, but they stay on topic pretty well and I love how their show notes give links to any and all shops and yarns that they use. My Etsy favorites have multiplied by quite a few new shops since I've started watching them.  

I've been having fun test knitting for Megan, but her and Amy's podcast is fantastic as well.  Just by watching them you can tell that the two of them have been friends for quite awhile, and I love how they joke with each other.  Both are very talented knitters, and I have never really pictured myself ever wanting to go to Minnesota...but hearing about their Zombie Knitpocalypse makes me want to go in the future! Episodes last about an hour.

Clearly...we Amys have to stick together.  Amy Beth is a R-I-O-T.  The first podcast of hers I listened to I was like, "Um. I'm not sure what is going on..." but now I'm hooked.  She makes me laugh and smile constantly.  I took part in my first ever KAL with her Gratitude KAL over the spring.  Episodes are only about a half hour, and she has a way of explaining things that make it seem very easy.

Ginny had followed me on Instagram and I've only recently started watching her newer podcast. Nerds unite! She's a Whovian amongst other things and I love her project choices. Seriously, I wish I knew her in life cause I would like to be part of her knitting circle :) She has made me want to try a 9" circular needle to knit socks.

Please share some of your favorite video podcasts in the comments. Now that we are in the slow season at work....I can use some entertainment while I do the office zombie routine :) 


  1. Apple Blossom & Ewe
    Knitting In Circles
    Dragonfly Soars

    just four of the videos I watch. Will list more if you wish
    several podcasters are on Plurk

  2. Are there any audio-only knitter podcasts? I know it's counterintuitive, but I have LOTS of driving time...

    1. I dont tend to pay attention to the audio only ones because I like having the visual, but another commenter suggested:

  3. lists both audio and video blogs

  4. Hi Amy, today I found a new podcast that you might not know of yet. Picking up Pearls. Also check out the audio podcast of Down Cellar Studio. Both have great project ideas. Erin

    1. Thanks Erin!! I will check them both out too :D

  5. Oh great - a list of podcasts! I've been bitten by the bug recently too! I love Must Stash and YarnGasm and am still trawling through others for more that I like so I'll be making a note of the suggestions here!

    1. I will have to check out the yarngasm one :D I haven't listened to too many of the non video ones cause I like having a visual (especially with yarns and bags).


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