Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{WIP} Fiber ADD

As a reminder there is a KitchenAid Stand Mixer Giveaway in my post from Sunday about cancer that can be found here. The contest ends on Saturday!

Another one of those weeks where I feel like my Work-In-Progress pile is rather large. 

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I will start with a KAL project that I actually will finish by the June 30th deadline.  The East Coast Knitters group is knitting an adorable, quick, easy cowl for their summer KAL.  Sanibel uses drapey worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles with a totally customizeable pattern.  Despite attempting to use stash only yarn for my next few projects, I had nothing that was both worsted and drapey in my alas, to the yarn store my long suffering Nathan went for me.  He picked me up a few skeins (on mega sale!) of Louisa Harding Albero, a cotton/viscose blend. Seriously guys this pattern is super easy and fast and FREE.

Looks like antique lace

I also started a non-yarn related project this week! I have jumped back on the cross stitch bandwagon thanks to my friend Siobhan sending me a pattern.  I am stitching the Springtime Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery as a summer stitch-a-long with Tami and my friend Viki from high school. I haven't gotten too far yet but I'm really enjoying the cuteness of it.  One of the reasons I got bored with cross stitching was because it all felt too old lady.  These kawaii characters will definitely not go into the land of old anytime soon.  One thing I find amusing is how much my shoulder aches afterwards!

I am so happy all my Xs face the same way
I haven't worked too much on my shawls lately as I've been consumed with working on the Vitamin D cardigan...but as I'm nearly approaching the sleeve separation and body work I've gotten nervous. Sure, it's just knitting. But now is the part where I will begin to tell whether or not I'm going to have a wearable garment.  Additionally, the body involves A LOT of short rows. And instead of doing a normal Wrap and Turn (W&T) I wanted to use the no wrap no gap method I used for the heel in my super secret sock I test knitted (which I might have a HO on Friday for now that the pattern is out) but I haven't worked out the logistics yet...and my luck I would screw up.

My progress is much more than this but I love how this photo looks

I love the little sleeve wedge

And that's it for this Wednesday.  Now that I'm a couple of years out of the learning to knit stage I've been thinking of doing a blog re-branding with new name and possibly moving to Wordpress....but the very thought is super overwhelming. Thoughts?


  1. Everything looks wonderful!

  2. i LOVE the vitamin D pattern. yours is going to looks stunning. be confident you can do it!

    Also love that cowl. hmmm to kal or not to kal

    1. Thank you, Tanya! I hope it turns out stunning. But, as you say, I need to be confident.

      And you should definitely KAL ;)

  3. You've got some lovely projects on the go :) Love the cross stitch, I keep meaning to have a go at it again, not really done it since I was a child although I've helped my 7 year old learn recently and found it very soothing

  4. Your projects are looking great! Your guy did a great job picking out the yarn for the cowl. Looks like a fun and fast knit. Love the color of your Vitamin D. Fingers crossed that the fit is to your liking. I love and wear mine all the time.


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