Wednesday, June 5, 2013

{WIP} Yarn Juggling

Knitting monogamy - I miss you.  Currently, I have four active WIPs.  FOUR.  Well. I guess we can say three that are on the needles and the fourth is half of a sock pair that has yet to be cast on.  With the exception of the non-cast on sock, none of these projects are easy to carry with me projects and all involve three skeins of yarn to be juggled. Oy. Vey. 

Looks a Twix Bar
I've made some progress with my Color Affection shawl by getting to the point where I can add the second color. I really like how the creamy Butter Pecan looks against the darker Fudge Brownie. I am knitting this with Candy Skein's Sweet Fingering base and I love how this yarn just glows in sunlight.  It will be awhile, but I can't wait to join in the third color!

Hello. I'm Amy's first ever gauge swatch
I've swatched and started my first sweater! I'm only a few rows into the actual sweater, so I'm going to share my swatch.  I am going to attempt to knit Vitamin D  by Heidi Kirrmaier.  The parts of the pattern I've completed so far haven't been too hard.  Rather, the difficulty for me is alternating three separate skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light (in the lovely Well Water colorway) and keeping them from tangling.  But I'd rather have a nicely blended sweater than one where you can see the changes in alternate I shall.  I'm alternating every other row - so purl w. skein A, knit w. skein A, purl w. skein V, knit w. skein B, purl w. skein C, knit w. skein C - then repeat.  I haven't knit anything in stockinette stitch that wasn't in the round I've kind of forgotten how painful it can sometimes be. But, those rows are good TV watching rows.  And the pattern itself isn't too difficult yet - just a lot of knits, purls, YOs, and make 1s.  I have my fingers crossed that my first sweater looks amazing and fits me perfectly. 

Art Deco
And thirdly, I have a project that has been long languishing since last August (!!!).  Memorial Day weekend I decided to randomly pick up and work on my Rockefeller by Stephen West.  Last summer, I had finished Clue A of this mystery knit along behind schedule of the clues being released and was intimidated by the final object. So I placed it in a project bag along with the lovely yarns and kind of pretended it didn't exist for awhile.  But having finished my socks for the Stockinette Zombie's Finish-That-KAL KAL I decided to work on it a bit.  I worked on Clue B for the first section, and added my first horizontal stripes.  This pattern has a lot of color work and yarn breaking in it which is why I've shied away from it for so long - but I really love the yarns I'm using in it and it's a shame to leave it moldering in the UFO pile.  The green main color is Knit Pick's stroll tonal base in the canopy color way and the darker contrasting color is Cephalopod Yarn's Skinny Bugga! base in the Montauk Monster colorway.  Being a Long Islander, I loved the name of that yarn and named my project after it (please if you have no idea what the Montauk monster is don't google it...and if you do google it, I tried to warn you). 

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  1. I could never manage project monogamy. I usually have at least 6 projects on the go. I think my current count is ten but I've been struggling to find time to work on all of them in one week.

  2. Nice projects to choose from and lots of pretty yarns to work with.
    Enjoy your lovely projects.


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