Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amy and the Magic Loop

Tonight was my second knitting class and I feel accomplished :)

I am starting my class project which is a Roll Watch Cap out of the Yankee Knitter Designs Pamphlet written by Melinda Goodfellow. Mine will not be striped but instead is a solid aquamarine color (Reynold's Signature Brand Yarn).  I am also knitting it on a pair of circular needles...which is oh so confusing. 

The birth of a hat
I'm sure once I get the hang of it, I will love them. I'm already in love with the nickel plated tips.  However, at the moment I'm getting tangled up in the cord. I'm also having issues with the magic loop. Or mainly, threading the stitches back onto the needle after I finish half of the hat.  It's going to be a case of practice, practice, practice. And more than likely me haunting The Knitting Corner and Beadery begging for help. And I haven't even gotten to the decreasing yet.

Based on my small head, I casted on 98 stitches which is what the pattern calls for a child's medium.  I didn't go with an adult small, because Stephanie said that it's been pretty large for most of the ladies.  For the magic loop, after the 98 stitches are on the needles (which I had to re-count many, many times...) half of the stitches then gets moved to the other needle....and pulled off, so I can be connected in the round. Look mom, no seams! I then knit trying to pretend that my needles aren't joined by a thin plastic cord that likes to tangle up my hands and once I finish putting all the stitches on the other needle....I put the loose stitches back onto the other needle and remove them from the old needle. Rinse and repeat. Sound confusing? Oh, it is. 

Close up of the torture devices. 
Plus, I have to remember not to twist it all up once I put them back on the other needle. I'm told that once I have a couple of inches of fabric this won't be a problem, but for now it's a windy, twisty road.

I am also going to be starting a ribbed scarf for Momsy.  With the yarn she bought for me. With the intent that it get knitted into a scarf. She's subtle like that. 


  1. I am about to embark on my first project using circular needles too. It is a hexagon market bag. I borrowed the needles from a co-worker so I could try them. If I like them, I want to take the plunge and buy some interchangeble circular needles. This way I will have every size and length available for any project. Nothing irritates me more than having to go buy needles for a project! I have it narrowed down to Denise Interchangebale Needles (from www.knitdenise.com) or Knit Picks Options (from www.knitpicks.com). I'm still researching both of them before I decide. Knit Picks offers a try me set, 2 cords and one of each of their interchangeables in harmony wood, nickel plated and zephry acrylic for $19.99. I may do that and if I get theirs, I'll have extra cords!

    Keep practicing!!!

  2. Thanks Diane! I keep eyeing the Harmony Wood interchangeable set from Knit picks (but now I might be leaning towards their nickel ones)...but I have to say I'm loving the Addi Turbos I'm using. But they're pricy. The size 7, 40" was $16.95 alone. Ye gads.

    Good luck on your bag! Is it felted? Can't wait to see pictures :)

  3. You're doing so well!

    I love knitting on circulars but I only have some cheap bamboo ones that I bought to try out knitting in the round before I spent out on anything more expensive.

    I havent tried magic loop yet...but knitting on two circs has been my most recent accomplishment (I made a hat for my boyfriend! :D )

    I also like using circs when I knit flat as well...I just find them easier to hold as the knitting can sit in my lap!

    By the way, I love your bag!

    Amy ~X~

  4. Thanks Amy :D I'm a huge fan of the bag, I found it at a LYS and I'm using it as a purse/knitting bag. It's a Lily Brown bag...made out of recycled soda bottles. It's very spacious inside. And the pocket on the outside is big enough for a wallet, cell and keys.

    How do you knit on two circs?


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