Monday, March 21, 2011


I need to learn how to go in reverse (aka fix mistakes) while knitting. I made a wee little snafu in my hat yesterday. I split a stitch and didn't know what to do or how to undo it. It was the first stitch on the needle too.  So, as soon as Stephanie's class is over today I'm going to have to head over there (Darn....) and have her un-do the mistake so I can keep on knitting.

in other news, I have finally figured out what I was doing with the magic loop, and I now love, love, love, love, love, love (you get the idea) circular needles - I don't think I ever want to go back to the bamboo straight needles. I especially love the Addi Turbo needles.  I think I want to eventually buy (or ask for a Christmas present) an interchangeable set...but not sure if I want the Addi turbo set, or the much cheaper nickel plated ones from Knit Picks. Any thoughts?

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  1. Amy, are we on the same wave length or what??? I used circular needles for the first time last week and I love them too!!! I spent lots of time researching interchangeable needles last week. I bought the Try It set from Knit Picks which should be on Wednesday.

    But I had some alone time on Sunday and I went to my LYS and talked to them about it. They had 5 different brands that I was able to see and touch in person. Believe it or not, I ended up buying the Denise set. I played with them last night and they are great! The store owner highly recommended them and uses them herself as her primary needles. I also got the size 19 needle and the companion set for it. Then today I ordered the organizer, size 10.75 & 17 needles and longer cords in 30", 40" and 52" for doing magic loop.

    I am going to keep my Try It needles because I love working with cotton yarn on metal needles and they are a size 7 in that set.

    But I must admit, I did but a single size 2 Addi Click Lace circular needle in 40" for making socks in magic loop. It was $13.50 for one needle, which is rather pricy to me but it is only for making socks so I don't mind.

    Happy knitting!


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