Friday, July 22, 2011

Too hot

Double Bump

It's even too hot at the beach.... Blech.  Did more reading today than knitting...the yarn kept getting stuck to my palms (thank you sweat). Currently enjoying The Knitting Diaries, an anthology featuring Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery, and Christina Skye. Perfect light hearted romance novels plus knitting.  It just screams beach book.

My Saroyan is coming along nicely. It is obviously not my beach knitting, but I've been working on it when it's cool.  I just added the second skein last night and am 8 leaves in.  


  1. Is that another dishcloth I see? I have been making a few of those lately too in between socks and monsters. I needed something that was complete-able since my other 2 projects seem to be taking forever.

    I have that book to read on my kindle too. I think I'll save it for our trip to Maine in 4 weeks!

  2. LOL yup..the dishcloths are my beach knitting.

  3. I am knitting hats right now myself, I don't want anything sitting on my lap making me hot!

  4. You guys will love the light reads! Usually I switch to large needle stole or wrap patterns for air flow lol, but I'm gonna give the dishcloths a try - that makes perfect sense for the beach.

  5. Love that yarn.

    I've just found your blog via Google+ Knitters and I have to say it has the best title EVER!!

  6. OMG, I wrote on my blog about seeing that book at a grocery store! It practically drove me into a frenzy, but at the heart of it: is it a good book?

    I'm morbidly curious -- after seeing your comments here, I may have to go get it!!

    I'm glad to see someone giving it a chance!

  7.'s a light summer read. Good cheesy romance novels with knitting mixed in. Check your library over buying :)

  8. I tried checking the library (the whole county, not just my nearest one) and it doesn't look like they have it just yet. *pout*

    Anyway, I came back even though I replied to your comment at my blog because I wanted to leave two other comments for you:
    1. I love the name of your blog -- that led me to click your link!
    2. The dishcloth is SO pretty. Are you using a Lily Sugar 'n Cream? :)

  9. I'll be looking for that book too!
    Love the way that yarn is knitting up

  10. Aw, bummer! My library oddly has two copies of it. I think one of the librarians is a Debbie Macomber fan because they had the complete set of Blossom Street books which I gladly scooped up :) I'm actually using Peaches and Cream. I find Peaches and Cream is a little kinder to my hands.

    Thanks to all of you who like the name of my blog :)


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