Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My yarn is even more lovely in person. It's so squishy :D And the colors are just scrumptious. Of course, once I got my yarn in the mail (after a few hours of being out and about) I had to try to knit with it.  

And that's when the face met the palm.  I cast on and frogged twice.  Let me be quick to note that this has NOTHING to do with the yarn which is wonderful to knit with.  The first time, I wound up undoing the last stitch on the cast on row when I came back to purl it (I think by moving my yarn tail out of the way, I undid the stitch).  And the second time, I was super careful to not twist the stitches (or so I thought) and made it 3/4" into the 2x2 ribbing before I realized that I had a mobius going...so I frogged it again.  

I will try again tomorrow...but in the mean time I will take any tips on making sure stitches aren't twisted. I have 96 cast on stitches, and I'm working magic loop.


  1. Omg The picture is priceless, hahaha! Sometimes the knitting takes on a life of it's own, doesn't it, lol? For the life of me I can't figure out how, when I'm knitting along carefully, the next row comes up and the stitch is twisted! It's not like I swtch technique in the middle of the piece or anything... Must be the "knit witches" casting a spell lol!

  2. Patience darling, patience! Remember it is better to frog early on than later into a project! I'm proud of you for attempting magic loop too! It gets easier the more you use it.

    I'm getting ready to attempt to learn to knit continental! I just purchased the ebook from Liat Gat at KNIT Freedom! I'll keep you posted!

  3. I hate it when that happens, especially with exciting new yarn. Wish I had the answer to your question - I always seem to twist everything when I start in the round with magic loop!

  4. There's no special trick to not twisting your stitches with the magic loop. You just need to take your time and be careful. Mistakes like those happen all the time, but if you take your time and make sure you count again and again, you should be ok!

  5. I think I figured out what I did wrong the second time last night...and I almost did it again this morning. Somehow I got my working yarn twisted up and a little bit of feeding the yarn cake back through fixed it up. I've used the magic loop before and didn't have this issue...so I think I got cocky and the Knitting God put me back in my rightful place. Lesson learned, Knit God, lesson learned.

    @ Diane - Good luck with continental style! I think I might try that at some point.


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