Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eureka....Kind of

And we're back in business! Out of the few projects I've done magic loop this one has given me the most trouble.  It kept wanting to twist and turn - not the stitch but the actual hat brim, and thankfully a little yarn maneuvering and it looks like it's supposed to.  Hopefully there will be no more trickery until I figure out how to change from the size 6s to the size 8s.  

Apparently, federal unemployment money runs out for good on 12/31 (the nasty rumor I've heard) so I have a new deadline for job searching...my goal is to apply to three a day and pray for the best.  If anyone knows of anything admin/HR related in the RI or southern Massachusetts area, by all means please, please share. 
And a K2P2 a go-go.

Edit: (and now time to step away from the knitting)
I screwed up somewhere. The following is taken from an e-mail I sent my friend Jackie. 

So, original pattern was:
CO 76 sts
2x2 ribbing until measures 1 3/4"
Then increase row by: M1 *k2, M1* repeat from * to end. 115 stitches
Then Eyelet mock cable pattern, round 1: k3, p2 to end.

I used modifications on ravelry that seems to have worked for everyone but me...
CO 96
2x2 ribbing
Increase row: KFB into first stitch of every pair of knit stitches.  120 stitches
(I stupidly didn't count my stitches at this point because I figured I was doing it right...#facepalm)
Pattern: k3, p2 to end

Imagine my surprise when I got to k3...and then p1.  I thought about just adding a new stitch but then i realized my pattern would be off because it's supposed to line up with the ribbing.  So, I went back and counted my stitches....and shocker! Instead of 120, I had 144.  Which I'm not sure how the heck that happened because I correctly KFB'd into the first stitch of every pair of knit stitches. 


  1. I tried the magic loop method once and failed! Why did you need to use that method instead of a longtail cast-on for the hat? Just curious.

    As far as switching needles, would it be the same as any other project? If so, it's easy peasy! You just start knitting your next round with the smaller needle in your left hand and the larger needle in your right hand. By the end of the round, all of your stitches will be on the larger needle.

  2. I used the long tail cast on :) I like the magic loop as opposed to using a 16" needle because there is no need to switch to DPNs for the decreasing.

    The switching of needles was definitely easier then I was making it out to be.

  3. That looks like you are doing well Amy. Plus it's just purty. Sorry about the unemployment. Wish I knew of something for you. Sending good vibes your way.


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