Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rip it....Rip it good!

My hat is cursed I think. Perhaps picking green for the colorway was the wrong idea, because my hat thinks it's a frog and it wants to rippit rippit.  

Last night's error, and the realization that 96 stitches might be just a tad too big, led me to rip it all back today.  So, I started over and cast on 88 stitches. Thankfully, I did not get twisted all over the place (stitch or hat) and it behaved itself.  

I successfully managed to increase properly - I forgot the purls! And I realized that even if I followed the pattern 100% I would have made the same mistake because she didn't mention the purls either. So, for this time I increased this way: k1, YO, k1, P2 which brought me to 110 stitches. Huzzah! 

I am two rounds into the mock cable pattern and things are going well....I did have one teensy little mistake where I accidentally made a YO at the beginning to the round. Which I might have not realized until I was half way done with the second half of the round...and I tinked back that half, and then was flummoxed trying to figure out how to tink the first half on the back needle.  But, I figured it out, and it's looking well :)

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  1. And now you know why my blog name is what it is. :) I even wrote a verse to the song in the about section!

    Glad you managed to get your hat back on track!


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