Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sugared Violet Saroyan

In front of Wakehurst at SRU
With over 4,200 projects on Ravelry it is easy to see why the Saroyan is so popular.  It is a quick-ish, fun knit that is perfect for beginner lace knitters.  And each row has you doing something different.  There were several reasons I decided to do this project after my baby blanket.  

First, there was a sample knit in my knitting store that was simply stunning.  I noticed it the first day I walked into the Knitting Corner.  It was knit in a scrumptiously soft and decadent yarn and all I wanted to do was cuddle it.  Second, once I looked up the pattern I saw that it was named after a character from one of my favorite TV shows, Bones, Cam Saroyan. And third, it was a KAL at the Knitting Corner.  So, as soon as I finished my blanket, I got knitting!

I enjoyed knitting this a lot.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I learned some new things which I always love, such as SSK, M1, and K1FB. I also really enjoy the Ella Rae Bamboo Silk yarn.  It is pretty affordable and it is just decadent.  I feel like I'm wearing a designer piece around my if I go walking down the street someone will think I dropped a couple of hundred bucks on this baby (I live in Newport,'s quite possible people think like that around here LOL).  And I now have something to wear to Stitchs East in October :)

Pay no attention to the scary closet/2nd bedroom in the background
I finally finished knitting it last night, and quickly brought out the ironing board to block it.  I'm still trying to figure out what method of blocking I like best. For my last two projects, I spread it out with some T-pins and sprayed it with a water bottle.  For my first scarf I did the soak method.  I have an iron (that I don't know how to really use), but am a little nervous to try steaming.  For now, I like the spritz method. This was also the first project I've knit on bamboo needles since the very first project and I'm not sure how I feel.  Maybe with a smaller project it would have been better, but the weight of my Saroyan on them hurt my wrists so I could only knit one leaf at a time in the straight section (where the most stitches at a time were).  I think if I knit another one, I will try it on my circs and see how it compares.

My next project is a knitting surprise :) So, I won't be able to post anything about it until sometime in September.  My friend Jackie is lending me her Addi's US10 circs for it.  After that, I don't know what (other than a few dishcloths) I am going to knit. I have a couple of Christmas presents I should start thinking about.
Sugared Violet Saroyan Project Details:
Pattern: Saroyan by Liz Abinante
Yarn: Ella Rae Bamboo Silk in Viola
Needles: US 8 (Bamboo Straights)
Notions: Two Lantern Moon stitch markers


  1. woo! That's something I've never knit this and it's been on my list!

  2. It's really lovely - a great knit.

    For blocking, I normally soak for 20 minutes + then fold a towel around the item and roll it up and step on it a bit to squeeze out all the water, then pin it onto a towel in my spare room. If you want to knit some big all lace shawls, you may find that the spritz method isn't quite enough to really pull out the lace and make it pop (in a good way, not in a 'omg all my stitches are unravelling' way).

    Just my 2p (or 2c for you...).

  3. I love that pattern (and the TV show too) but I'm waiting until I get just the right luxury yarn to use for it! Love the colour you used, sugared violets is a great name :)

  4. @ Christy - you should totes knit it :) :)

    @ Chemicalika - I'll try that my next project that needs to be blocked. My only problem is, I have very limited space :(

    @ Pinkundine - the yarn definitely makes it something special :) good luck on your yarn search!

  5. Amy, the details on your post are very helpful - I'm moving to this pattern next on my to-do. I feel intimidated by blocking things. It's like going down the Rabbit Hole - something get waaaay too BIG, and other shrink up tiny lol. I am def. going to try the spritz method - it seems like you get more control that way? And hey! I might be going to Stitches East, too! Just have to work out details since it involves ferry boat schedules and such. Maybe I will see you there!

  6. PS Newport is my old stompin' grounds(did substitute teaching there till I got my first teaching job)!!! Love the vibe of that city!

  7. Well done! Lace isn't so bad, huh? I saw that you're following my blog, and I'll do the same. Happy knitting!

  8. @ Inky - I hope you have luck with the spritz method! I think you do have more control with it...I was told to pin it out (or stretch it) and then spritz until damp and let air dry. It's worked well on my Saroyan and the baby blanket :) Let me know how it works for you! I love Newport (not a huge fan of RI though)'s where Nate & I went to college. Where did you sub? I'm thinking of applying to be a sub until I find full time work.

    @ Crystal - thank you so much :) So far my two lace projects weren't too bad (although...the evil k3tog of my baby blanket still causes me PTSD) but have been in heavier weight yarn...I'm nervous for when I start a true lace project on fingering weight yarn..

  9. Amy- I love this. It's so pretty. You are doing great with all this stuff. So proud of you.


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