Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Camping & Evergreen Ridge Alpaca Farm

My Mini very well packed
I had a great camping trip up to Mount Desert Island in Maine.  I didn't knit a single stitch, but all in all it was a great camping trip. 

I did stop briefly at Knit Wit in Portland on the way up, which was recommended to me by several people. Its a very cute shop and I wish I had more time to browse...but someone, who shall remain nameless, didn't quite understand why I would go to a yarn store without a project in mind. I didn't purchase anything, but I did think about Quince and String Theory.
Sunrise in Acadia National Park

Climbing Beech Mountain
 It was a very restful time. And it was nice to be away from cell phone service, cable and sadness. Ten years after 9/11 it was very nice to not have the media throw it in our faces. See, some of you might not realize that I am from New York. Long Island to be exact.  And on that fateful day I was a senior in HS and I panicked that my father, who worked very close to the Twin Towers, was in trouble.  His former company had talked about moving their office to the World Trade Building...I was very thankful that they didn't. But, my dad used to eat his breakfast at the base of the Towers in the a park...and I was scared.  At lunch time my friends and I walked to Sunrise Highway and looked west towards NYC.  I will never forget the dark smoke that we could see.  So many friends and loved ones lost that dark day in American History. So, needless to say, I did not want to have to relive it. Again.  

So, we hiked and relaxed and had a great time just being Us. And rather than be depressed we celebrated life.

My yarn loot
On the way home, however, Nate and I took the scenic route back - meaning, we drove down Rt 1 for a looooooong time.  And found an alpaca farm! Evergreen Ridge Alpacas in Warren, Maine is a very nice Alpaca farm.  They definitely have some cuties...including babies :)  I picked up three skeins of alpaca yarn, a lavender sachet, and some homemade soap.  

So. Freaking. Cute.


  1. awww i love alpacas.
    nice yarn, too- it looks so soft and yummy!

  2. How cute. I could take that alpaca home and snuggle with it on my couch... well not really but he is super cute! I agree with you on the 9-11 media overload. There's a fine line between moving forward and not forgetting and the media crosses it big time!


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