Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In Which No Knitting Has Been Done

*peers out from behind a rock* Ah, hello there. Um, knitting? This is a knitting blog, no? Ah...knitting. I think I remember what that is.  Two pointy sticks, eh? And some fuzzy wuzzy string stuff? Ah,'s coming back to me now.

Needless to say...I haven't knitted anything.  I haven't even started my instant gratification Marian cowl yet.  Or used any of the alpaca.  You see, I am in a rut.  And definitely hiding under rocks.  

What I HAVE been doing is applying to jobs.  Lots and lots of jobs. So far this week I've applied to 19 jobs.  And so far, I have already received 2 You Suck emails.  [You Suck emails = automated email from job that basically says you suck and we're going with another candidate] Pair that with the fact the ONLY phone calls I get for job interviews are scammers who found me on Monster [I have since taken my resume & phone number off of Monster]....let's just say, too much time spent being depressed and stressing and not picking up my yarn and needles.  I also get to call the unemployment office this week to extend my benefits.  Fun. Fun. Fun.  Nothing like feeling small and unimportant than talking with the "nice" folk over at unemployment.  Last time I spoke with someone I was told I was eligible for two more I'm more nervous then stressed at the moment, but there is still the fear that they will be like "No, sorry, thanks! Have fun picking out your refrigerator box and might I recommend the area down by King's Park?"


  1. boo :( job searching sucks. and don't forget that sometimes knitting can help when you feel stressed and depressed. i know it works for me. good luck on your hunt.

  2. Oh oh. Poor you, don't let this stage get you feeling devalued! I can't say I 've been there but now is the time to read up on positive thinking and believing in the power of positive attraction. Read the Secret if you haven't read it yet. I know it sounds so simplistic, but spend your day in mentally saying thank you for all of the things you have been blessed with and the low point seems to be alleviated a bit.

    In response to the comment you left on my blog-
    As for my frogging, yes I am so glad I finally got brave and ripped back. I love knitting with Madelinetosh and so even though the sleeves have given me trouble... all is forgotten.
    As for the Knitpicks circulars... I bought the set two years ago when they had a sale and I love them. I hardly use straights anymore, the length of the circ needle is just right in my hand. The other thing that is awesome and worth the investment is the fact that they will replace broken needles, no charge! I love that!

    So as my dad always says, "chin up kid, push through and believe in yourself"!
    Good luck with the work prospects. <3

  3. Wishing you lots of good job finding mojo.

  4. Thank you means a lot to me!

    @Erin - Ive heard about The Secret, but have yet to read it. I probably should...I'm so overcome by negativity that I'm probably jinxing myself.
    And I definitely want to try the KP needles :)

  5. I had that fight with the crappy internet applications last year. I found through my experience that he best jobs are found through networking. The job I have now (the day job not my knitting business) which is the best job I have ever had short of doing my own thing, is one I got by asking around. I had a stranger in the gym after mentioning that I was looking for a job tell me his girlfriend had a great job she just got and they were looking for more people. So I googled the company and sent them an email with my resume and everything in it and ding ding ding! JOB. Word of good jobs travel by word pretty quick and won't sit out there on the internet for eons. I would just talk to people, get the word out, let people know you are looking.

    oh yeah and I have KP options set and it's a dream!

  6. There's a cool knitting/sewing lab shop in Cambridge that recently posted a part-time job...? The shop is called Gather Here. Here's craiglist link to job description.

  7. oooh Erin, if I lived closer to Boston/Cambridge I would be all over that PT job! Sadly, though, with Boston an hour-fifteenish away, I can't afford to commute for a PT job :( BUT if I ever do get a FT job there and convince Nate to move much closer ::cough::Salem::cough:: then I will definitely check with them to see if they are re-hiring come spring (our lease is up 3/31)

    Thank you very much for thinking of me!! :)

    @Tiffany -- Word of mouth is definitely amazing...I've had a lot of friends let me know of places hiring, or check with friends of theirs who know of places. It's been a god-send.


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