Friday, October 14, 2011

{FO} Westeros

I did it! I conquered my fear of a thumb gusset and made my first pair of gloves.  I was so honored that Jackie asked me to test knit for her, and this has been a great learning experience. 
One Down

I definitely had some second glove syndrome going on...I didn't knit as fast as I did on the first one, but it was very satisfying to complete the whole shebang. 
Matching set

And Nate likes them, a lot so win there! Now, I need to come up with a scarf for his mystery alpaca.  

I will post a link to the pattern once it is fully written up.  

Westeros Test Knit Pattern Details:
Pattern: Westeros by Jackie Jaquette
Yarn: Lion Brand Woolease (I think)
Needles: US 5
Gifty: Nate


  1. Nice job on the gussets :) (is it just me, or does that sound a bit wrong?!)

  2. Very nice! I want to make some of those for people I know that have cold hands.

  3. Looking good! Did you get spaces at the gussets? If so, how any tips on how to cover that? I haven't yet found a good solution - each time it comes out different and always a little wonky.

  4. Awesome gusset-conquering! Those look really nicely-made and wonderfully wearable. I love that in addition to the cuffs, they've got ribbing trim on the finger edge, too.

  5. @ Natalie - LOL just a little bit but I won't tell :P

    @ FoFo - I will make sure to let you know when the pattern is available. It is very easy and fun.

    @ Julie - I had a small space, but I used the scrap yarn to close the hole the best I could. I'm not the best end weaver inner...but I made do :)

    @ Kathleen - Thank you :D I like that about them too, they are simple and "manly" but they do have a bit of decoration to them.

  6. Very nice gloves! Perfectly plain for the man in your life. Great work on the gusset!

  7. Congrats on conquering the gloves! Yay for new techniques and skills :D

  8. Nice work! It's always fun to knit a new technique and get it figured out.

  9. Thumb gussets aren't so bad, are they? The gloves look well-fitted, so that's also a win!

  10. The gloves turned out great! Good job knitting your first pair. I always have a hard time knitting the second mitten, too.

  11. Congrats on vanquishing the thumb...and the second glove!! They look great!


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