Sunday, October 16, 2011

{Squee} Yarn, Yarn, and More Yarn

My preciousssssss.....
I need to get my bum in gear and start Christmas knitting...and the above is a step in the right direction! I finally caked two skeins - and tried to cake a third, but as you can see by the ball shape it was having NONE of the swift.

The light khacki colored alpaca is what will eventually become a scarf for's just a trial trying to find a pattern and I have no clue how much yardage I really have....and I picked these skeins up at an alpaca farm in Maine, so if I need more....well, let's find a patter first THEN figure out what will happen if I need more yarn.

The colorful yarn is Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock yarn in Tea Party.  This was a mystery skein I had purchased through a grab bag sale...and I think it's going to grow up to become Susie's Reading Mitts for Nate's mom. Maybe. We'll see. I'm still trying to find the perfect pattern for Janet.  

It's nice to actually be able to pull yarn from my stash, and not go out and purchase yarn...which I've done a lot.  But...since knitting I've grown a bit of a yarn addiction as I'm sure you can all relate...and I'm afraid if I don't start using some of my stash yarn....I will forget what I have and not use a really awesome yarn.  And, with Stitches less than a week away....eeeeek!

So, today's Squee Sunday is about my love of yarn, and the feeling of triumph to pull something out of the I can make room for more.


  1. Yay for destashing for restashing! =D

  2. I'm always thrilled to find the perfect yarn in my (or my mom's...) stash. :D And I think that tea party (such a cute colourway name!) yarn will go wonderfully with that mitt pattern, they'll be really cute and colourful.

  3. I'm with Calophi ... yay for destashing!!!! Finding the perfect patterns for that delicious yarn is an added bonus!!!!!

  4. When it doubt, stripe it out, is my motto when it comes to running short on yarn lol. I do know that when I use alpaca from the farm, it comes in oz. and you can sometimes find patterns that you can kind of guesstimate the yardage with by figuring out the weight? Does that make sense? Example: I know one felted hat I make has roughly 2 - 2 1/2 oz. and I knit it on a #10/#10 1/2 needles. So maybe you can find patterns that will give you weight? I don't know, just thinking aloud. :)

  5. I reorganised my stash yesterday - don't think I need to buy any yarn for a while! It is nice to have a stock to work from though ;)

    Good luck with your Christmas knitting

  6. @ Julie -- OOOH! Striping!!!! I didn't even think of that! I should check my LYS to see if they have a similar weight and perfect contrasting yarn. Sadly, the yarn only came with a price tag on weight, no yardage, no nothing.

    @ Natalie - LOL there is never a NEED to buy more yarn...but it happens anyway :)

    @Kathleen - Thank you :D The gloves are looking great so far...I don't know what I like more - the yarn or the pattern! I can't wait to share them with everyone on WIP Wednesday.

    @Calophi and Nicky - LOL Is it sad that all future apartments & houses will be analyzed with how I can fit my yarn and crafting in.

  7. Oh! :(
    I was going to share a mitts pattern I just found and I love but I see you have already cast on.
    I found "i carry ur heart" on Ravelry the other day. The cool feature is- when knitting in the thumb gusset area a heart is formed.
    I need to take out all that I have and work from stash but I'm "asceered" to see how much there is..... How did you do it and not have a nervous breakdown? I'm ashamed of how I spend and can't knit it all before I go out and buy more...


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