Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well received gifts and a secretive swap

My Aunt Mary Ann and cousin Tori absolutely loved their gifts last week!  Tori put on her scarf and didn't take it off all Christmas day.  I was so happy to have my hand-knit items be so well received!

Speaking of gifts, my friend Jackie and I are doing our present exchange at the end of January.  We both had a lot of Christmas knitting to do so decided to postpone until a later date so we could relax a little bit. I decided on the pattern I am knitting for her last night, and am now looking for the perfect yarn.  Because it is a gift, and I know she looks at my blog, posts will be secretive again.  
However, I was wondering - who are your favorite independent yarn dyers? I am looking for a unique bulky/chunky weight yarn and would love for some recommendations for a dyer. 

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  1. I am glad your gifts were appreciated. I really like the pattern of your Aunts scarf, is it one of your design?


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