Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Beginnings

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  It reminds me of fresh starts & new beginnings...of going back to school, leaves changing colors, candy apples and fall festivals.  Of carving pumpkins, drinking hot cider, and not sweating my butt off while knitting.  And most importantly, it reminds me of Nate.  

I met my life partner 4 days into my freshman year of college, and we just celebrated our 10th anniversary this week.  And while he didn't propose to me (really, NATE, what are you waiting for?!) he did gift me an AMAZING yarn swift.  Yippee!!!! Now I can cake my own yarn.  
Like the TARDIS it is both blue and bigger on the inside

We just returned from a vacation up to Maine.  We rented a beautiful, little cabin on Basin Cove in Harpswell, Maine.  And he humored me on all of my yarn journeys....if that isn't love, I don't know what is!

Love this yarn!
Cast On!
On our way up, Nate & I stopped in Portland where we ate at the amazingly delicious Duck Fat.  There was a bit of a wait, but it was definitely worth it! Have I mentioned it is amazingly delicious? Afterwards, I stopped at Knit Wit to pick up some Quince and Co yarn and needles so that I could work on the Rustling Leaves Beret pattern from the Coastal Knits book.  I am a huge fan of their Tern yarn base! It is very affordable, and just a pleasure to knit with - I picked up a skein in Stonington and a skein in Oyster.  As the beret is for my boss I figured nice, local yarn would be fantastic.

As most know, Nate and I have conflicting work schedules -- I work Monday through Friday in a normal 8:30 to 5...and Nate, who works for the hospitality industry usually works 3 pm to 11 pm. So we never see each other awake :(  It was great to spend a week with him in an area we love.  Nate was also able to help his Uncle Mark build a barn. 

Good ol' fashion Barn Raising
While the boys built a barn, Nate's mom, aunt and I went yard sale-ing where I found a knitter's yard sale! Tons of yarn and pattern books - for $8 (plus a $2 guilt tip) I snagged a circular needle case, a skein of crazy zauberball, and a ton of books (including some knitting motivational ones like the Knitting Sutra).  

Nate's mom and I also went to a new yarn store in Freeport called Mother of Purl - but more on that in another entry! Because I have a review to do :) And I'm waiting for her website to go live.

Amazing, amazing pattern
It was a pretty lazy fantastic week. We went on fun drives, went fishing, paddled out in the kayaks, and just spent time together.  And I got a lot of knitting done! 

It was also fun to have his aunt, uncle, cousin and grandfather over for a home-cooked meal complete with crabs and steamers.  I'm not a big seafood eater, but even I was chowing down on crab legs. 

As with all vacations, it is sad when it is over.  On Friday, we took a very leisurely drive down Coastal Route 1 where we stopped at several antique stores (found a yarn swift for $300!) and had fun chatting.  10 years together flew by....and I'm looking forward to another 10 more.   Now....if only he will propose (*hinthintNATE*)

So, to celebrate my decade-a-versary, I will be hosting a FANTASTIC give-away in a couple of weeks :) I am so stinkin' excited to share more details but let's just say it will be from one of my favorite companies! They've been mentioned in this blog you might be able to figure it out :)  .... Have you found it?? No?? OK...Fine...I will give you a small hint: SSS.  ---pp--   s-i--   --udi-o- 

This give-away  will be launching something new I want to begin with my blog such as product reviews, yarn store reviews, etc.  As I'm a slow knitter, I'm slightly bored with the WIP and FO posts I've been doing I'm looking for a bit of a new beginning if you will!

As I type away, I will be looking forward to feedback, suggestions, and products to look into! 


  1. Can you add in a list of the blogs you follow or podcasts that you like? Anxious to hear more about your reviews!


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