Sunday, September 9, 2012


Ah, there any yarn nicer? Probably, but I still love me some Tosh.  I have a few skeins I have purchased and added to my stash, but this is the first time I've knit with it. 

I used a single ply Tosh Merino in the Burnished colorway and it was gorgeous.  I picked it up at a little yarn store in Vermont.  It's a funny yarn - in person, it's almost the color of new pennies with little flecks of green the exact color of oxidized copper.  No matter what time of day I've photographed this project the yarn is never true to what it looks like in person.  The finished object to the left looks more green.  The close up below is faded looking.  Granted, I am taking the pictures with my iPhone, but usually during full light I can get a picture close to the original color.  Not so with this yarn.  And I love it.

I submitted this cowl for class participation points for the Charms Class in the Harry Potter Knitting Crochet House Cup.  I'm not sure if I am going to keep this for myself or gift it to Nate's mom for Christmas.  She saw me knitting it and liked it a lot.  I do have enough yarn to make a second one...and the fish tail lace pattern is super easy.

I am currently counting down the days to vacation.  I CANNOT wait.  Nate and I are renting a cute little cabin on Casco Bay in Maine and it will be nice to get away for some kayaking and hiking, not to mention peace and quiet.  I am also looking forward to stopping in Portland on the way up...We will be getting lunch at Duck Fat and I am so excited for Poutine it is not even funny.  [vegetarian, I am not].  I am also looking forward to stopping into Knit Wit Yarn Shop again - and this time I am buying a skein or two of  Quince & Co. yarn to knit up the beautiful Rustling Leaves Beret as a present for my boss who is getting married in December.  

I've also been pulling my hair out trying to do a provisional cast on for a silly little something for the HPKCHC and I just can't seem to get it to work.  I'm not a crocheter so the crochet method doesn't work for me.  But it seems the knitted version does work EITHER.  AH. So frustrating.  


  1. I love yarn that does that...but damn is it a PITA to photograph properly!

  2. I am envious that you get to go to Maine, I am soooo homesick. Enjoy the array of Quince yarns at KnitWit, it is so cool to be able to buy it in person and so hard to narrow down your purchase to fit the budget...

    If you get a chance to head north at all, you MUST visit Purl Diva in Brunswick. It is a beautiful yarn shop settled in an old home.The owner is sweet, helpful but never hovers and they too carry Quince yarns.

    Oh! I almost signed off without sharing this link to Lucy Neatby's provisional cast on ( It was easy and looked great, the others I have tried never looked very professional. Good luck!

    Also, I think Madelinetosh must have some Native American spirit in it that prevents us from capturing it's true color on film.... hahaha....


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