Saturday, March 16, 2013

{ToTT} Pattern Magnets

I'm trying out a new blog theme to write about.  I might set it up with a Mr.Linky if anyone else wants to participate in this theme.  

I'm a gadget girl - when I go to a new yarn store, the first thing I check out is the notions and tools to see if there is anything new.  When I first started knitting I thought it would be so simple. Just pick up needles and yarn and go.  Boy, was I surprised to find out how many tools were out there that made knitting possible.

So, today, I introduce you to my first Tools of the Trade (ToTT for short) post.  In these {ToTT} posts I will introduce you to some of my favorite tools and notions.  There will be needle reviews, and tips and tricks I've learned.  Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in me making this into something regular and if you would like to join me :)

My first post will be about a very simple, but perfect tool I use a lot.  It is the miPattern magnets by Slipped Stitch Studios.  I had picked up one a long time ago from a Long Island yarn shop (The Village Knitter in Babylon) and I thought what a simple and amazing product.  I use mine all the time.  And when I recently treated myself to the Doctor Who bag of the month club over at SSS, a set of three Whovian ones came with it.

The miPattern magnet is a very simple concept.  It's a ribbon with two magnets glued to it.  As shown in the picture to the left, it "snaps" together on your pattern be it a book or a printed out pattern and you can wiggle it up or down the page to keep your place.  The sets come in three sizes, so any type of pattern can easily be followed with it.  

It is much greener then using a sticky note, and it also does not fall off as easily.  If you're like me and often knit on the couch from printed out patterns there is always that instance where you are joined by a four legged member of the household and next thing you know your pattern is on the floor...with the pattern magnet you don't have to worry about losing your place.

I definitely recommend giving one a try!  It makes knitting on the go a breeze.

I definitely love learning what fellow knitters like to use to make their knitting lives easier!  Please let me know, if like me, you too would like to see what others use - if anyone is interested in joining me in {ToTT} I will probably make these posts on Saturday.

I have been very quiet blog-wise lately - although if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen what I was working on.  I am still working on the super secret fingerless gloves...and life has gotten out of control.  

The last week of February, my dad wound up getting sick and being rushed to the hospital.  It turned out that the brain tumor he had 8 years ago came back.  After one very scary week, dad survived another brain surgery and has only just yesterday been released from rehab to go home.  However, this time we learned he has brain cancer - although, he assures me, that it is not a "bad cancer" in the fact that it won't spread.  He will be starting radiation on Monday.  Due to all that has been going on...I've lost my knitting mojo a bit.  Truth be told I've lost my everything mojo...but I'm working on trying to get me back to being "me" again.  


  1. Am keeping you and your family in my prayers. It may not be possible, but Amy Beth at Fat Squirrel Speaks group on Ravelry is having a gratitude KAL. The purpose? To work on an object for yourself while meditating on giving gratitude out to the Universe or to someone in particular. Maybe in the process you might find some temporary peace? Just a thought.

  2. I love the idea of doing a meme like this! I too have the pattern magnets from Slipped Stitch Studios and a pattern keeper. I do love them so.
    One of my favorite and most used tools is the yarn cutter that Windsor Button gave out during a Red Line Yarn Crawl. I like it so much that I give it as a gift to others.
    As for the challenges you and your dad have faced lately, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, as is your dad.
    What doesn't break you, makes you stronger.
    Join in the Fat Squirrel Gratitude KAL, I posted my project this morning!


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