Friday, June 24, 2011

Hit a snag...

I have a secret. Every now and then, knitting makes me want to tear my hair out and run screaming through the streets.  Last night I finally started the last side edge, aka the long edge.  After triple counting my cast on row to make sure I had the requisite number of stitches (that would be 205...) I started the evil K3Tog row, and then brought the rest of it to Open Knit.  I had brought it the week before with no issue, so I figured I'd be fine.  Let's just say there was a whole lot of gabbing going on at OK last night, and during row 5 I lost track at some point because when I finished the last repeat, I should have had 14 stitches left. And I only had 13. 

The row before it was a wrong side row (so purls) filled with yarnovers. An example of the repeat was YO, P1, YO, P6.

Attack of the mutant double stitch!
After taking out row 5, I was then left with some mutant stitches :( So, these are my options: a)Frog the whole thing and start over. B)Wait til Monday and beg Steph to figure out what's wrong. Or, C)Pull back to the first row with the K3Togs and no YOs.  However, both B & C require Steph though as I do not know how to pull the project off the needles and go back to the problem row and then successfully put it back on the needles.

I'm trying not to stress out about it too much - ALMOST done! - and will try not to worry until Monday. Thankfully my mom is coming up to visit for a week starting today, so I doubt I will do much knitting until Monday anyways.  And in the off chance she wants to go see my new favorite place to hang out, I will just bring the edge with me and see if Betsy can help me pull it out. 

I bought the yarn for my next project the other day too.  So I really want to start knitting it. I am going to be knitting the Saroyan Shawl. It is currently a KAL at my yarn store and I've been dying to get it on a pair of needles. I'm going to knit it in a lovely lavender shade from the Ella Rae Bamboo Silk collection.  I think it will be a nice summer shawl to have in Newport for those cool ocean night breezes.  Depending on how fast it knits up, too, I might make another one for a Christmas present for someone. I should probably start planning those..
Itching to start my next project...(Image ©


  1. Evil mutant double stitch! lol

    I am so excited for you to get to spend a week with your mommy. Enjoy every minute of it Amy. You are so lucky.

    Love lavender. Cannot wait to see how the next project turns out. What is cool about knitting is you be working on more than one thing at a time. So if one thing frustrates you can move on. I like that idea.

  2. LOL Kim, I tried that :/ I'm too much of a type A personality - I can only work on one project at a time. But it doesn't mean I haven't been buying yarn for future projects hehe. I still have my fingerless gloves to knit but I think I might pick those back up closer to the fall..since it's too warm in summer for gloves.

  3. Hi Amy! Thanks for checking out my blogs and becoming a follower! Made my day :D

    I made a saroyan for my sister last Christmas - it's a beautiful knit!

  4. Amy, try running a life line periodically through your work -- especially after you KNOW you just nailed a really hard row. Thread a needle with yarn/thread of a contrasting color, and run it through all the live stitches, leaving a tail on either end of the work.

    Then if you need to yank back, you pull out the needles, unravel, and the life line will stop it. Thread your needle along the life line path, and voila!

  5. Thank you so much for the tip, FaithEllen! I will definitely try that on my next tricky project.


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