Wednesday, August 31, 2011

To Infinity....AND BEYOND!

Super tiny fun!

Meet George. George is a mini alien I knit for Nate. Nate named him. George and Nate are now friends. 

George's pagoda spaceship.
George was a lot of fun to knit :) And it seriously only took me like an hour to knit...and then about an hour to finish him with his eyes, mouth and stuffing.  George was made up of a lot of leftovers. You might recognize the minty baby cashmerino from the seed stitch baby blanket of doom.  And the violet bamboo silk from the more recent Saroyan.  
The pattern called for SSK on two rows, and to make my life easier I K2Tog through the back loop instead. Same result, different method.  I also learned how to make a bobble...which the whole entire time I was doing it I thought I was doing it wrong.  I kept thinking, 'Oh, this is definitely not, no, no.' But it looks like it worked!

George the Alien Project Details:
Pattern: Mini Alien by Barbara Prime
Yarn: Scrap Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Needles: US 3
Made for: Nate ... just because I love him, and he needs a little mini alien in his life.

Kimiko the Ninja Assassin Alien
Edit 9.6 - 
I made another alien for my friend Connie's birthday. I will be making a bunch of these little guys for some friends and family. Rather than add a new post, I might just add them to this one.  
Kimiko was a wee bit tricky to's very hard to see stitches on black yarn! Not a big fan of the Sirdar Snuggly DK yarn I used on Kimiko.


  1. Thanks! :) I <3 him. I think he needs a bunch of alien friends.

  2. Bless, such a cute little alien! i love his antennae!

  3. He's so cute! Hope he gets to go on lots of lawn-gnome style adventures!

  4. @ emma - thanks! I love them too.

    @ PrincessRuffian - he! he! he! George most certainly will :)

  5. i didn't know that k2tog tbl and ssk were essentially the same decrease! that's so helpful! decreases and increases (other than like, yo and k2tog) kind of boggle my mind for some reason.

  6. @ Abby - It was something I picked up at my knitting store :) I usually will SSK, but I found it easier to K2TogTBL on the small needles and small circumference. And I agree with you 100%! Thank God for patterns, because I always forget which one slants which way


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