Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Upcoming Projects

George and Mels the Mismatched Alien
I'm apparently an alien making sweatshop machineMy little cousin (*sigh* She's not so little anymore) started High School today, so I knit her a pink one for her locker - I added a strong magnet to the inside.  And Nate's cousin wants one for his dorm. For them free...but I think if any of their friends want one I'm going to charge $3 per alien.  

Next week is going to be nuts, but should be conducive to some knitting. Nate and my 9 year anniversary is the 18th, and to celebrate we are going camping in Bar Harbor, Maine for four days starting Saturday.  And then my folks are on vacation all next week and I have been informed that they are swinging through Newport to kidnap me and bring me with them on their trip up to Boston and Salem.   

My next project is going to be the Marian cowl by Jane Richmond as a Christmas present for my auntie. Just need to find a budget friendly, pretty, squishy super bulky yarn in a non-pastel color.  And pick up my friend Amy's size 19 Addis.

(C) Rebecca Danger
I also have a KAL with my friend Christy coming up :) We are going to knit Jerry the Musical Monkey by Rebecca Danger. And, I am being bad and ordering a Jerry kit from Dancing Dog Dyeworks. Some of you may remember that Christy is the awesome person who got me knitting.  She sent me some awesome fingerless gloves and they made me think "I can do this!" (lets not mention the fact that I'm currently terrified of thumb gussets, shall we?).  She lives out in Cali, so it's going to be a coast-to-coast KAL. She is also an expert at knitting I will inevitably be slowing her down.  And harassing her with questions. 

I also need to start thinking about what I'm going to knit for my mom (she wants a monster) and dad (he wants a hat), my cousin (what does a 14 yo girl like?), Nate's mom (fingerless gloves), Nate (slippers), and others.  We'll see how many people actually GET a knitted item for the holiday lol. 

I was also invited to a KAL on my friend Inky's other blog...which I'm truly honored and thrilled's hoping I will be able to fit it into my schedule. 

By the time all is said and done...this is what I will probably be working on:
Yes...that might be a pitcher of sangria


  1. You should definitely charge people for additional aliens, especially if you want to have time to knit holiday presents too! Love the monkey, can't wait to see how that turns out ;)


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