Sunday, February 5, 2012

{WIP} Updates and Knitting

So, I know it's not Wednesday...and that there is a football thingy happening today (or so FB and my father tells me)...but I just wanted to give an update on things.

I am still hurting...but it's getting a wee bit better. Or, it was until I was given my new removable splint a few days ago and I'm still ironing out the kinks. Needless to say, last night was the first time I took pain meds since my surgery.  Want to see what my arm looks like now? Take a look at the picture on the right...

I definitely nerded out at the orthopedist's office when I saw that.  It's just  There is also a side view that shows the 8 screws holding it to my bone.  

I still have very limited mobility in my wrist.  I can barely make a fist, I can't really rotate it, and I can't put my left arm in a palm's up position.  Needless to say it's a bit frustrating and I'm still pretty emotional about the whole thing and stressed that I'll never, ever have a normal arm free of pain again.  Like I said...emotional.  BUT, I did get cleared to go back to work on the soon I can add stress about driving and black ice to my daily routine again.  Now if only my car would finish with its repairs.

Now...I did promise some knitting news.  I'm doing it!! Slowly....but knitting none the less.

I am participating in another swap on the Danger Crafts board and it's a Love Luck Leap my partner chose Leap (which is my choice) and I am making her a ___________.  Wait? What? Yes, my friends, like at Christmas time there is a return of the sneakiness.  I ordered special pretty yarn from Dancing Dog Dyeworks to spoil my swapee (not her fault I broke myself literally the day we were assigned as partners) and I'm in love. Absolute love.  I not only got to finally use my Addi Clicks but also my project bag from Slipped Stitch Studios.  The bag I love, the Clicks are OK - love them, but since I was doing the magic loop the yarn was snagging on the joins a bit.  I'm withholding judgement since my knitting is a wee bit wonky at the moment.  Not the needles fault.

This will probably be the most complete picture you will see between now and the finished object as I think my swapee is a pretty good stalker and don't want her to figure it out ;)

I also started on my Merry Birthday present for my friend Jackie.  This is what I started with when I decided to try knitting and the big needles are a little bit more painful for me...that and my left wrist does not like doing things through the back loop at the moment.  Hopefully it will get better. Again, have to be secretive on the details of this as Jackie reads my blog :P

And finally, my birthday was on Monday and we went out to western Massachusetts to visit Nate's family.  We went to Web's and I used my gift card Nate had gotten me for Christmas and bought myself a skein of Madeline Tosh Vintage to knit myself a hat with eventually.  Once I can handle casting on a big number of stitches.  And figure out which hat to make for ME.


  1. I'm glad you're getting back into knitting, that's dedication! I just hope your arm feels better soon

  2. I am so sorry you are in pain. It will take a while to get your dexterity back, be patient. I had shoulder sugery and it took forever and I still can't do somethings but it's nearly 100%. Glad to see that you are able to knit, that should help with your dexterity. Beading will help too. My grandfather had strokes and to get his back they had him beading and it worked like a charm. He made some beautiful beaded necklaces for my grandmother and the rest of the family.

  3. oh my gosh! I'm so happy to see you are still knitting, but don't be too eager. When I broke my ankle, I was so impatient once they gave me a removable cast that I just took it off and started walking. Needless to say, it didn't heal right.
    also, yum madtosh and dancing dye works! good thing you got the good stuff. ♥

  4. Yay! You found some Madelinetosh! Very pretty color.

    I recommend the Brattleboro hat from New England Knits. I have made two this winter and I want to do another. The other suggestion is Coronet.

    I hope you continue to heal, get better quickly.


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