Friday, March 25, 2011

Finished Aquamarine Watch Cap

Isn't it cute?
 Ta da! My first hat is finished...complete with fuzzy wuzzy pom-pom.  Once I figured out what I was doing wrong with the K2togs, the remaining rows went by rather quickly.  I loved that I didn't need to bind off, but rather just pulled the tail of the yarn through the remaining stitches, tightened and pulled down through the hole.  Wove in ends, sewed on pom-pom and done. 

I cheated with the pom-pom.  I thought about making a pom-pom maker out of cardboard, but didn't have any lying around. So I purchased the Clover Pom-Pom maker, and had a lot of fun trying to figure it out. My cat got some of the failed pom-pom attempts as new toys.  I originally thought about making an all white pom-pom, but went with the choice to add in the aquamarine yarn from the hat. I love the result. and it's so fluffy (the white is a super soft merino wool). 

Things I Learned:

  • I love circular needles
  • I really like the Addi turbo circular needles <3
  • The magic loop confused me at first, but now I can't wait to make something else
  • That you don't need to purl while knitting in the round
  • K2Tog is an uncomfortable thing that leads to me making mutant stitches
  • Making pom-poms are ridiculously fun
  • With hats made on the magic loop, one doesn't need to bind off...hooray!
  • Loves hanging out at the Knitting Corner and Beadery and thinks Stephanie is an amazing, patient teacher

So, I think my next project is going to be a baby blanket for my cousin Ariel, who is expecting her first child in August.  It's going to be a Debbie Bliss pattern out of the Booties, Blankets and Bears book.  I don't know the sex of the baby yet, so trying to think of a three color combo in neutral colors. 


  1. It looks awesome! Way to go girl! I haven't done a hat yet! Thanks for modeling it too!

    I'm thinking that my next project after my market bag will be SOCKS! I can't wait to try Magic Loop for them. I watched a You Tube video on it last night and I think I understand it.

    Okay, here's the verdict on my circular needle purchasing problem. I bought a full set of Knit Picks Zephyr needles (for $39.99) AND Nickel Plated needles (off someone from Ravelry for $60 including shipping). I couldn't decide and I LOVE the NP ones for knitting with cotton. I'll have a review on my blog tomorrow about the Knit Picks Try It set!!! Check it out!

    Have a knitty weekend! (Corny, I know!)

  2. LOL When I started this blog, I knew I was going to model all the items I make for myself. Which is kind of scary...especially when I inevitably knit something that doesn't fit haha.

    oooooh I can't wait to try to make socks! There is something about a bulky pair of wool socks that makes me think of fireplaces and hot chocolate. What's awesome about socks and circular needles is that you can knit the pair at the same time on the same needle! Same thing with mittens.

    ;) love the pun! haha not corny at all. I'm checking out some yarn shops over the weekend to find the right combo of colors from the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino yarn line....I'm thinking mint chocolate chip colors for the blankie.

  3. That hat is so cute. I have yet to be able to make a hat =[

  4. Love the hat. Gorgeous! I think your choice of colors for the pom-pom is perfect. Cute pic of you outside too. Can't wait to see what you make next.xx

  5. Your hat looks fantastic!!

    And well done for mastering magic loop...I havent tried it yet...tiny bit scared of it to be honest (plus the needles I have dont suit I need new needles, oh what a shame :P)

    I have knitted socks... I <3 socks! I knitted mine on double point needles (DPN) and I am currently knitting a sock using two circular needles...but if you can knit the pair at the same time using magic loop then you can double your sock output!

    Amy ~X~

  6. The hat is adorable! :) Bookmarking your blog!


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